Issue 18: 10 reasons why we really don’t need test cases

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: July 26, 2021

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I’m Pritesh and this is the 18th edition of Software Testing Notes, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content on Software Testing. I hope this week has been good for you so far. There's a lot of good reads, tools and resources this week, let me know what your favorite is!

Frameworks and tools will come and go but books 📚 are forever. Jakob Nielsen and Eran Kinsbruner has put together a collection of 100 books on Software Testing. Be sure to check it out. There are couple of recommendation which will help you tremendously in your future growth.

In another news, NaveenKumar Namachivayam ⚡️ has created a Software Testing Memes website. He has already posted couple of memes and project is opensource on GitHub.

Happy Testing and have a great rest of the week! 🙏

📚 Testing

10 reasons why we really don’t need test cases by Brijesh Deb

Do you really have to have test cases ? are they really adding values ? Read this article by Brijesh as he makes some really strong arguments against them and why he prefers the test ideas and mission statements instead of Test Case.

How do you explain API to a 5-year-old? by Geetima Dutta

Life would be so much simpler if everything was taught in this format. Geetima has a talk about API with her 5 year old. It’s hilarious, informative and enjoyable read.

An introduction to contract testing - part 4 - automating the workflow by Bas Dijkstra

Bas just published 4th article in the series of contract testing. In this article, he talks about how to automate the different steps in the consumer-driven contract testing flow and how it allows us to add these tests to our automated delivery pipelines.

Read part 1, 2 and 3 here.

Visualizing Dependencies by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

One of the biggest areas that cause agile teams to slow down, is not recognizing dependencies early. - Janet Gregory

You can’t identify every dependencies up front, but there are some tools that can help us. Learn about this in this post, as Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin cover visualizing dependencies using context diagrams and dependency mapping.

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⚙️ Automation

Using Cypress to Test a Front-end Application by Lucas Castro

Thinking about starting automation testing with Cypress for Front end ? Lucas got you covered.

API testing with WebdriverIO and swagger. by Marcelo Soares

Get started with API testing using WebdriverIO and swagger with praticle examples in this post by Marcelo.

Appium: Native Context and Web-view context for Hybrid application | Entering the web view context by Saif Siddiqui

Learn about how to switch from Native context to Webview context to automate hybrid app in Appium. Saif also has a YouTube Video with live particle example set.

Cypress testing. 5 tips you may find useful. by Vlad Ryabinin

Vlad has few tips which can help you accelerate the usage of cypress to it’s full capacity and all of it’s glory. In this article, he covers,

  • Environment variables
  • Change fixtures' values on the fly based on env
  • Mock API response globally
  • Custom commands
  • Waiting on a request

Test your Go web apps with httptest by Andrew Haskell

It’s tough to get articles that specifically revolve around the GO Language. Andrew Haskell has series of articles covering the automation testing in GO.

Read previous articles Intro to automated testing in go and Subtesting, skipping, and cleanup in the Go testing.

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💨 Performance

No, we don’t use Kubernetes by Maik Zumstrull

Just as we say in automation “Just because you can automate doesn’t mean you should” . Same goes for infrastructure as well. Kubernetes is all the rage this days but that doesn’t mean you really need it or have to use it. Maik explains in great details of their infrastructure needs and why Kubernetes doesn’t really fit for them as of right now.

Leadership In Test: Managing Performance Testing by Paul Gerrard via QA Lead

A well written article by Paul Gerrard which provides 360° degree view on performance testing. This article covers following in great details.

  • Performance Testing Objectives
  • Four Prerequisites For a Performance Test
  • Performance Testing Toolkit
  • The Performance Test Process

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🛡️ Security

Five Common Pitfalls in Application Protection by Ben Zilberman

When it comes to security, you can never be too careful. Learn about few common pitfalls when security of your application is concerned.

  • 1st pitfall – “I thought a WAF was enough
  • 2nd pitfall – “I was tempted to bundle my WAF with the CDN service”
  • 3 pitfall – “I can enforce the same security across all platforms”
  • 4th pitfall – “I thought I could do all the exception handling myself”
  • 5th pitfall – “I thought DevOps would listen”

A hackers perspective on bug bounty triage by Shubham Shah

In this blog post, Shubham Shah clears up some of these misconceptions on bug bounty triage and also highlights some of the inherent implications of the triage process.

How to Install SSL certification in Charles Proxy❓ by Prem Singh Rathore

Prem Singh Rathore explains how we can install the SSL certificate in the Charles Proxy application.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Headless Recorder :

Chrome extension that records your browser interactions and generates a Playwright or Puppeteer script.

Try Hack Me :

Making it easier to break into security, all through your browser with Byte-sized gamified lessons. 80% of the courses content is free. A great place to start learning about Cyber security and Penetration testing.


REST APIs simulating virtual store to serve as manual or automated study of API tests. [In Portuguese]

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