Issue 93: 5 reasons why your testing career becomes stagnant and how to fix it

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: July 5, 2023

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Have you been testing long enough? Do you feel bored or wondering what’s next? You are not alone. Many of us feel this way sometimes. To resolve some of your thoughts and put things into perspective, Thanh Huynh has shared some nice insights on some of the probable causes for stagnation and what you could do about them in below article👇.

And speaking about testing career, Patrick Prill just crossed 20 years doing Software Testing. Lots of ups and downs and so many insights. Read more about his journey on Software Testing for 20 years. And if you manage to read entire article, Patrick has a gift for you at the end.(Thank you for the surprise Patrick 🤣).

Additionally, Pricilla Bilavendran has also written about How Motherhood has Shaped her As Better Tester.

And if you want to read more about testers sharing their experience on their software testing journey and more, take a look at the Qa Life topic on our website. I have curated some good stories over there.

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📚 Testing

The Best Way to Learn? Make Mistakes by Dennis Martinez

The path to professional growth lies in embracing mistakes.

Making mistakes is how you learn. I have never met a single person who can say “I never make mistakes”. Every mistake can be turned into a learning opportunity with a right mindset. Dennis Martinez draws from his own experience of one such incident where he accidentally deleted a production database and the valuable lessons learned from it.

Triangle Puzzle: A Vital Lesson! Critical Thinking and Software Testing by Fachrul Ch

We have often talked about importance of having critical thinking skills as one of the core aspect of being a good tester. Fachrul Ch demonstrates this using a Puzzle, where people are quick to jump into the answer without giving much thought on the Puzzle itself.

Logical Fallacies for Testers VII: The Hasty Generalization Fallacy by Kristin Jackvony

“It runs on my machine, So it must work on the server too” — An example of Hasty Generalization Fallacy

After a while, Kristin Jackvony is back with another piece on “Logical Fallacies for Testers” series. The article puts several examples before our eyes on how Hasty Generalization Fallacy can happen in testing and what we could do about it.

Can Generative AI Write Good Exploratory Tests? by Callum Akehurst-Ryan

We had taken a look at a case study to start testing for the OpenAI like apps in previous issue (#91). But can Generative AI (such as ChatGPT) create test sessions and exploratory test ideas? Callum Akehurst-Ryan has ran some experiments and shared the results in this article.

Callum Akehurst-Ryan has also written about whether Generative AI (such as ChatGPT) can help us to write a good test approach.

How to advocate for testability by John Gluck

What is the core of testability? John Gluck gives a very detailed overview of the same and shares how do you define, approach and advocate for testability in your projects with practical examples.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Software Testing here.

⚙️ Automation

Implementing Parallel Test Execution with Selenium Grid with Docker by Ram

Parallelism is one of few ways you can use to reduce your test execution time. Ram shows us how we can utilize docker with Selenium grid in easy way to set-up our selenium tests for parallel execution.

API testing with nightwatch in 15 mins by Millan K.

Get stared with API testing with nightwatch? Take a look at this article by Millan K. sharing step by step process of setting up the framework and running your first API test. All withing 15 minutes.

P.S. 📢Nightwatch.js version 3 has just been released! It has has been redesigned around the three core pillars of developer experience, mobile-first, and one framework for everything testing. Exciting time ahead!

Simplifying File Upload Testing with Cypress by Elisha Dongol

Testing file uploads has never been this easy with Cypress. With help of .selectFile() command or with cypress-file-upload plugin. Take a look at this article by Elisha Dongol demonstrating both ways to test file uploads using Cypress with practical examples.

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💨 Performance

Integrating Lighthouse with Cypress by Kritika Vohra

Lighthouse is one of the most popular tool to audits for performance, accessibility, progressive web apps, SEO and more. Follow this step by step article by Kritika Vohra to learn how to integrate Lighthouse with Cypress and generate reports.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Performance Testing.

🛡️ Security

4 Ways To Categorize Web DDoS Tsunami Attacks — Part 2 by Ehud Doron

A Web DDoS Tsunami attack is an evolved type of HTTP DDoS Flood cyberattack that is sophisticated, aggressive and very difficult to detect and mitigate without blocking legitimate traffic.

There are the 4 ways Web DDoS Tsunami Attacks can be categorized - attack volume, attack duration, characterization of the botnet and Attack Transactions. This article by Ehud Doron explains the characteristics of the botnet used and the attack transactions.

To know about first two types - Attack Volume and Attack Duration, Take a look at the part 1.

Top 10 Best AWS Security Tools – 2023 from Cyber Security News

Here is a list of some of the most important AWS security tools that can help you to manage and secure your AWS infrastructure.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Security Testing.

🌞 Accessibility

The difference between keyboard and screen reader navigation by Léonie Watson

This is an old article but still very much relevant. Navigation with keyboard alone and navigation with screen reader’s help are two different thing. It’s confusing sometimes when we are testing for accessibility. Léonie Watson nicely explains the differences between these two types of ways to navigate.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Accessibility Testing.


🛠️ Resources & Tools

Unlighthouse An open-source, fully configurable CLI tool that will scan your entire website using Google Lighthouse in just a few minutes.

Faker.js UI A visual UI to let you generate fake but realistic data using the popular Faker.js library.

YATTIE is an open-source desktop-based tool that supports the entire process of exploratory testing, from gathering evidence to generating test reports.

JSON CRACK A simple visualization tool and formatter for your JSON, XML, TOML, YAML, CSV data with no forced structure. Paste your data and view it visually using various flow-chart formats.

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  1. Don’t Overthink Test Cases by Jesper Ottosen
  2. Debugging Playwright Tests by Mustafa Mašetić
  3. Shift-Left Testing: Catching Defects Early by Denis Peganov

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