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HackerNoon’s Learn repo has another great addition on testing.

Here is a list of 63 most read articles about selenium on HackerNoon.

In previous issue (#82nd) I had shared 2 such massive collections which seemed to be loved by the community very much.

They are ordered by most time reading created on HackerNoon. Check them out and let me know which article you liked the most.

With that being said, Lets jump into this week’s curated links, let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

Dear ISTQB. Please update your syllabi. It is 2023 already. by Daniel Delimata

ISTQB certificate has become such a norm within the testing industry that it might have lost its appeal to certain extent. One of the reason might be as Daniel Delimata states it “reluctant approach of ISTQB to Agile”. Read this piece to find out more.

Testing the Approach, Not Just the Product by Bob Marshall

Before you actually start testing, you need to carve out an approach to testing. But how do you go about it and what you should take into consideration? This article by Bob Marshall discusses the importance of testing the approach to software development while refining and testing the methods that gets you there.

Furthermore, Raphael S. has written about You Know How to Test. But What About When and What to Test?

Idea of test coverage is based on a model by Shrinivas Kulkarni

What is test coverage? how to define it and what to include in it? In this article, Shrinivas Kulkarni shares the idea behind test coverage and how to best approach it.

Additionally, Chelsea Troy shares some great advice on pitfalls of blindly following metrics like required test coverage.

Kill More Bugs! Add Randomization To Your Web Testing by Paul Grizzaffi

We had talked about importance of fuzzy testing in #86th Issue. This time around let me share this article by Paul Grizzaffi explaining what exactly is Fuzzing, how to get started and what to consider before starting fuzzy testing.

Logical Fallacies for Testers VI: The Bandwagon Fallacy by Kristin Jackvony

Bandwagon Fallacy — when someone makes a choice because “everyone else is doing it”

I’m seeing a example of this in Work from Office v/s Home debates😅. But it happens more then we like to admit at orgs. level whether you are selecting a tool or adopting a strategy. Thank you Kristin Jackvony for shading more light into this.

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⚙️ Automation

The Ultimate Guide for Cross Platform E2E Test For Native Mobile APP by Amr Salem

Are you struggling with mobile automation test for IOS app? This article by Amr Salem will take you through a detailed process on how you can run your test against iphone simulator in the cloud at Zero cost.

Where Does Trace-Based Testing Fit in the Testing Pyramid? by Ken Hamric

Take a first step towards understanding of Trace-based testing with this article by Ken Hamric. The article goes into great details of how Trace-based testing improves upon the limitation of the black box testing and how and where does it fits in the Testing Pyramid.

And Specking of Testing Pyramid, Gil Zilberfeld has written about Is The Test Pyramid Still Relevant?

Enhancing Test Reliability: Exploring Playwright's Retry APIs for Robust Testing by Luc Gagan

Working with playwright? Luc Gagan shares some nice tips that you can utilize now to make your autotests more robust and reliable.

Unusual Uses for Selenium WebDriver by Dmitry Shyshkin

“Selenium automates browsers. That's it!” —

Automation testing is one of the many things you can do with selenium. Dmitry Shyshkin shares some of the other use cases apart from testing where selenium can be used.

While it is a good thing that selenium is versatile, author also warns against using selenium to automate everything.

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💨 Performance

Performance Is Not a Checklist by Tim Kadlec

This is what I have seen many people do. Doing performance testing just for the sake of it to show that we did it. This doesn’t provide any values and you end up incurring more debt. Tim Kadlec articulates it more gracefully in this article.

Web performance testing: Compare Grafana k6 browser vs. Google Lighthouse by Marie Cruz

Do you know you can use K6 to measure your front-end performance? But how does it measure against Google Lighthouse? Read this article by Marie Cruz exploring the similarities and differences between Grafana k6 browser and Google Lighthouse.

Additionally, I would also encourage you to take a look at this two presentations Performance Testing 101 and A Hybrid Approach to Performance Testing. Both are crafted by Marie Cruz with some really nice insights into back-end and front-end performance testing.

Little's Law and the Hidden Variable by Michael Küsters

Little's Law is widely used when creating the Load Model for application under test. Take a peak under the hood and learn more about how Little’s Law functions and Michael Küsters’s view on how it could be optimized more in certain situation.

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🛡️ Security

Malware - Free Followers by R Srikesh

Really nice analysis by R Srikesh on Malware by taking a dive into Android APK analysis with inspecting Android Manifest.xml.

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🌞 Accessibility

A series of hands‐on guides to assitive technology and accessibility testing by Adam Liptrot

Do you know how to use screen readers for accessibility testing? Thanks to Adam Liptrot, we have some really nice screen reader guides that you might find useful if you’re learning to test with a screen reader.

Accessibility issues with stylized unicode characters by Nathaniel

Unicode characters can cause accessibility issues sometimes. Do you also use Unicode characters in your web app? This article should serve you as a RED light and provides some insights into how to resolve such issues.

3 Cases When Accessibility Could Highlight Bugs and Save Money by Mikhail Rubanov

Wait, What? What is this about saving money with Accessibility? Read this piece by Mikhail Rubanov and find out.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

DamnGood.Tools A set of free tools that includes a responsive design tester, detect fonts, Chat with any PDF and more.

MalwareBazaar MalwareBazaar is a project from with the goal of sharing malware samples with the infosec community, AV vendors and threat intelligence providers.

Infinite Mac Run vintage Mac OS in your browser. Pick any version from 1.0 (released in 1984) to 9.0 and use the OS, import files and run software from that era inside a virtual machine.

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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. Testers are Gate-Crashers
  2. Design Patterns for Test Automation Solutions: Part 2 -JavaScript/Typescript
  3. JavaScript for Testers Part 1: JS Basics for Postman

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Apple Vision Pro - Truly Realistic🤣

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