Issue 79: 79: Why is BDD confused with testing?

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Welcome the 79th edition ofย Software Testing Notes, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content on Software Testing. I hope this week has been good for you so far. I have lots of nice reads for you this week, let me know what your favorite is!

๐Ÿ“š Testing

Why is BDD confused with testing? by Dennis de Booij

BDD means Behaviour Driven Development but why when we think about BDD we immediately associate it with Testing? Dennis de Booij has some insights. Read this article and take a deep dive to learn more about it.

The Theory of Knowledge helps us learn from our work by Mike Harris

A theory is a prediction of the future based on our experience of the past.ย 

Learning is a ever growing process. Mike Harris shares importance of having sound theory and how it helps testers to create and shape various testing techniques.

Additionally, Jesper Ottosen wrote about Lessons Learned in Cloud Testing.

Master the Art of Writing Effective Test Cases by Muhammad Haris

What goes into writing good test cases? Muhammad Haris shares some good tips in this article.

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โš™๏ธ Automation

10 changes that improved our tests by Tom Perry

When you are adding new automated tests almost everyday, you are bound to run into issues if not careful. Here, Tom Perry shares 10 important tips that you can start implementing today to gest best from your automated tests.

How to Use Mirror Objects in Swift for Testing and Debugging by Namit Gupta

reflection in Swift allows us to inspect and manipulate the properties and behaviors of an object at runtime.

In this blog post, Namit Gupta shows how to use mirror objects in Swift to access type metadata and perform reflection operations.

Xpath that every Automation Tester Must know: Basic Xpath for Beginner by Vannak Tak

Are you finding Xpath a little hard to learn? Vannak Tak has written a very good article to help you understand basic concepts and syntax of xpath and how to use it effectively in automation testing.

Stabilizing Continuous Delivery by Eliminating Flaky UI Tests by David Tzemach

flaky tests is something you should always be wary. Take a look at this article by David Tzemach sharing common causes of test flakiness and some of the things you could do about it.

Keeping Tests Valuable: Using Branching Coverage to Improve Software Quality by Rafael M.

Branch coverage testing is a technique that aims to ensure that all different branches of source code are executed during testing.

Very Insightful article by Rafael M. sharing how Branch coverage can enhance the testing activities by making sure that code is properly and thoroughly tested.

Visual testing using playwright by Balaji Kumarasamy

Are you using playwright for your automation testing? Read this article by Balaji Kumarasamy to learn how to perform visual testing with Playwright using pixelmatch library.

4 things to do while Testing Data table in Selenium by Kalaipriya Rajendran

Testing DataTables using selenium? Kalaipriya Rajendran shares how to read and test the data tableโ€™s sort functionality along with Dynamic Column Selection and Pagination.

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๐Ÿ’จ Performance

Analysis of Google Lighthouse Report by Dipen Chavan

Google Lighthouse is a very useful tool for performance testers. Itโ€™s simple, easy to use and packed with lots of analytics capabilities to give you insights about your appโ€™s performance. But do you know how the Performance score is weighted and how metric scores are determined? Read this article by Dipen Chavan and find out.

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๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ Security

A Complete Guide to Database Security Testing

This article provides a good overview of various methods of database security testing along with some useful tools to carry out your testing activities.

Effective Static Code Analysis Techniques for Improving Code Quality

Learn about Static Code Analysis techniques such as Syntax Analysis, Security Analysis, Data and Control Flow Analysis along with their benefits and challenges. The article also lists some of the top tools for static code analysis.

DDoS Attack Explained! by Rahul B

This short article will server you as a good starting point if you are interested in learning about what DDos Attack is and what might cause your website to be vulnerable to DDoS Attacks.

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๐ŸŒž Accessibility

3 Ways to Automate Accessibility Testing (a11y) by Will

In this post, Will covers how to automate accessibility testing by combining Static Code Checks, Unit & Integration Tests, and Browser Tests using eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y plugin, jest-axe, cypress-audit, Lighthouse and Pa11y.

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๐Ÿ› ๏ธ Resources & Tools

AI Commits โ€” A CLI that writes your Git commit messages for you with AI by running `git diff` to grab all your latest code changes, then determining the message via OpenAI's GPT-3 technology.

OpenInTerminal โ€” A Finder toolbar app for macOS to open the current directory in Terminal, iTerm, Hyper, or Alacritty.

AyeSpy โ€” A performant visual regression testing tool.

Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension โ€” A Chrome extension designed for making web exploratory testing easier.

Ctool โ€” Commonly Used Software Development & Testing Tools.

Browse curated library of 300+ hand-picked tools & resources to help you solve your everyday software testing problems and supercharge your testing.


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