Issue 80: 80: Common Challenges in Continuous Testing and How to Overcome Them

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: March 30, 2023

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In this current climate where we are leaning more and more towards Shift Left Testing, having a good Continuous Testing strategy is must for the success of any software. But it might not be as easy as it seems as there are many challenges to overcome. This week, we read more about it and,

  • Economics of writing tests, how to design and prioritize tests
  • Chaos Testing with K6, Distributed load testing with Locust and Docker
  • Preparing for a Technical QA Engineer Job Interview
  • Test Automation Pyramid and much more…

So, let’s dive into this week’s curated links, let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

The Economics, Value and Service of Testing by Jeff Nyman

An interesting perspective by Jeff Nyman about economics of writing tests, it’s perceived value and how it should be done to get better understanding of the product and improve overall testing.

How Testers can add value in an Agile Team by Bart Vanherck

Testing activities contributes at almost all levels of the software development process. But there’s always a room to improve. Here is a nice piece by Bart Vanherck on what we as a testers can do more to add great value to the team in a Agile setting.

Ultimate UI Testing Checklist by Rahul Parwal

I’m loving this checklists by Rahul Parwal. In one of the previous issue, It was about “Common Software Errors”. Checklist is easy to understand and takes care of some of the basic aspects of what to test. This time around Rahul has prepared the UI testing Checklist. Take a look and power start your UI testing.

Preparing for a Technical QA Engineer Job Interview by Lewis Prescott

Lewis Prescott shares his experience of Interview for the “QA Engineer” role. This article consists some good tips and advice based on Lewis’s experience as a candidate and hiring manager.

Common Challenges in Continuous Testing and How to Overcome Them by David Tzemach

Great writeup by David Tzemach discussing few common challenges that people face while incorporating continuous testing strategy. The article has some helpful tips on how to navigate and overcome these challenges.

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⚙️ Automation

Test Automation Pyramid and Its Multiple Misinterpretations by Ravisuriya Eswara

There are many misconception among people when it comes to "The Test Pyramid". Specially the difference between "The Test Pyramid" and “Test Automation Pyramid”. Hopefully this post by Ravisuriya Eswara can clear some of misinterpretations.

Furthermore, Josh Grant has also written about Test Automation Patterns: The Test Automation Trifle

How to Design an Automated Test Case? by Gil Zilberfeld

What goes into writing a good automated tests? Gil Zilberfeld has listed some good questions to ask before you start writing the tests.

Additionally, Marcin Wosinek has written about How to prioritize test cases in end-to-end testing.

Is It Ready For Test? by Nicola Lindgren

Having short and clear feedback loops within teams(devs and testers alike) can enhance your testing activities to a great extent. Nicola Lindgren shares importance of shortening the feedback loop and how much more value you can get from it.

What causes end-to-end flakiness and how to address it by Marcin Wosinek

End to end tests have a habit of becoming more complicated over time as we discussed in one of the previous issue. In this article, Marcin Wosinek discusses some of the common causes of flaky tests and proposes few solutions to address them.

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💨 Performance

Chaos Testing: Building Resilience early in the development cycle by Pablo Chacin

Read this article by Pablo Chacin to learn the basic of the Chaos Testing, why it’s needed and few basic scenarios of Chaos tests implementing with k6 load test tool.

The Cost of Performance Issues: Importance of Performance Testing by Jesus Rey

Wondering why you should start doing performance testing now? Read this blog post by Jesus Rey detailing why and what to consider when designing performance tests along with basic example of creating a load test with JMeter.

Performance Testing With Locust in Docker by Jason Leung

When you are trying to simulate thousands of concurrent users, one system will not be enough. You will have to come-up with a solution to perform distributed load tests where n number of machines can handle required load. Jason Leung shows a nice example on how to setup Locust with Docker to perform distributed load test.

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🛡️ Security

Nikto Cheat Sheet by Arr0way

Nikto is an open-source web server scanner that performs comprehensive tests to identify potentially dangerous issues.

This is a checklist for all important commands you need to perform security test to identify potentially dangerous files/programs, outdated versions of servers, server configuration items, and installed web servers and software.

How to use Burp Suite through a socks5 proxy with proxychains and chisel by Adam Katora

Chisel is a fast TCP/UDP tunnel, transported over HTTP, secured via SSH.

This is a great how to guide by Adam Katora sharing how to effectively pivot into internal subnets with Chisel and socks5 proxy.

API Security Testing Made Easy: Tips and Tricks for Securing Your APIs by RamKrishna

Take a look at this article by RamKrishna sharing overview of some of the most common API security threats, how to write test cases for them to help identify vulnerabilities in APIs and prioritize potential threats. The article also has an overview of popular tools used for API security testing.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools If you've downloaded a performance profile (i.e. a "trace", usually a JSON file) from your browser's developer tools, you can use this tool to upload and examine the trace with the performance panel visible like in DevTools.

Beeftext — An open-source text substitution tool (i.e. text expander or text snippet generator) for Windows, with optional portable edition.

Snipclip — Free screen recorder in the browser with no setup or install and doesn't require signups, with option to record your camera along with your screen.

XSSHunter Use Docker and Dockery Compose to test and find blind cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

Browse curated library of 300+ hand-picked tools & resources to help you solve your everyday software testing problems and supercharge your testing.


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  1. Master the Art of Writing Effective Test Cases
  2. 10 changes that improved our tests
  3. Why is BDD confused with testing?

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