Issue 45: API Security Testing With Postman and OWASP Zap

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Describing quality can be quite hard, even for someone with years of experience. But it doesn’t always have to be. Just drop all the hard to use Jargons and you will find that it’s not actually that hard that everyone seems to be making.

Approach to Quality can be very personal and many use and change them when using with context of the team or personally.

I came across this great article describing Quality Principles from personal perspective of Dave Westerveld. I very much like what Dave said about relating software to people.

“We write software so that we can make people’s lives better.”

With that being said, let dig into this week’s curated links. I have lots of nice reads for you this week, hit replay or post comment and let me know what your favorite is!

📚 On Testing

The Ultimate Software Test Planning Checklist by Matthew Heusser

One way to look at a test plan is as a collection of risks work managing. Matthew Heusser shares checklist in this article and provides ideas for what those risks might be and how to handle them, along with what to call out of scope.

Set of skills for Software Tester by Klaudia Dziubek

To become a good tester, you need both technical and soft skills. In this post, Klaudia Dziubek shares 5 soft skills and 5 technical skills that are the best set for every tester.

Model, Oracle, and Perceived Quality by Ravisuriya

Ravisuriya shares in this blog post about his interpretation of Model, Oracle and Perceived Quality and the understanding of it. 

Testing Exceptions: Harder Than It Looks by William Wake

Exceptions are hard, that’s why they are exceptions right 😂. William Wake explores this and looks at a refactoring to move code to use the lambda / closure approach.

Blockchain Testing by Afsal Backer

Blockchain has become a buzzword in the tech world lately. But how exactly do you go about testing it? This article by Afsal Backer explain everything you need to know to get started.

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⚙️ Automation

3 mindset shifts to succeed with test automation by Daniel Burns

Creating lasting change requires changes to the tools, the processes, and, most importantly, the mindset of the stakeholders involved. Daniel Burns shares these 3 mindset changes must be achieved in order to succeed with test automation for the long term.

Two Easy Questions to Help You Automate the Right Tests by Dennis Martinez

With testing, it's tough to know what's the right thing to automate. Dennis Martinez lays out two questions which will help guide you towards the right path.

Writing better command chains in Cypress by Filip Hric

In this post, Filip Hric explores some of the core principles of Cypress chains and how understanding them can make you write your tests better.

Running Selenium tests on multiple browsers by Steve Mellor

Great step by step walkthrough by Steve Mellor of running Selenium tests on multiple browsers.

Using Pact Webhooks to Improve Contract Testing by Marie Drake

Pact Webhooks allow you to automate your contract testing efforts more and along with the can-i-deploy command, it ensures that consumers and providers are adhering to the data contract before changes are deployed to production. Learn how to use them in this post by Marie Drake.

How to automate API testing with Azure Devops and Postman? by Kalle Marjokorpi

A very detailed article on configuring API requests on Postman and executing them on Azure DevOps. Kalle Marjokorpi did a really great job in this article.

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💨 Performance

Measuring user flow performance with Lighthouse and WebdriverIO by Hugh McCamphill

The new Lighthouse user-flow API provides extra possibilities for analyzing user front-end performance - as shown in this article by Hugh McCamphil you leverage WebdriverIO existing code to do any required navigation and form filling.

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🛡️ Security

High-level Ways To Improve Application Security Through Testing by Pricilla White

Take a look at some industry-standard and high-level ways to improve application security.

6 Main Penetration Testing Types To Uncover Vulnerabilities by Andreea Draniceanu

In this article, Andreea Draniceanu dives into Pen testing methodology, approaches To pen testing and the main types of Penetration Testing?

The Key Difference Between Vulnerability Scanning And Penetration Testing by Usama Ahmed

Usama Ahmed explores Key Differences Between Vulnerability Scanning And Penetration Testing and Why Should You Perform Vulnerability Scans And Penetration Tests?

API Security Testing With Postman and OWASP Zap by Mohamed Tarek

Great article by Mohamed Tarek using Postman to send requests to OWASP Zap to be able to start automated pen-testing.

Use ZAP to Perform DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) by Kishan B

Kishan B shares step by step process of using ZAP to perform security testing.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Toxiproxy A framework for simulating network conditions made specifically to work in testing, CI, and development environments. Online guide to understand in detail what data each web browser is leaking and which web browsers offer the best privacy protections.

eslint-plugin-jsx-a11yStatic abstract syntax tree (AST) checker for accessibility rules on JSX elements.

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