Issue 23: Avoiding Tech Debt with these 'Core Four' practices

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📚 On Testing

Your Check Engine light is on: how to write good software tests

Ever wondered what makes good software test ? Yves Junqueira has an answer for you. Read this article to know about what characteristics and goals should a Good software tests have ?

How does poor quality software impact a startup engineer’s life?

Quality is always built upstream and manifested downstream.

Pradeep Soundararajan explains how quality affects various roles throughout the organization and what happens when quality is neglected from the top and how it manifests across spectrum.

5 Reasons Why You Should Never, Ever Write Tests

A hilarious take on importance of testing by Kai on what happens when you start testing.

Avoiding Tech Debt with these “Core Four” practices

Technical Debt is the deferment of good software design for the sake of expediency.

Rob Myers has written an great piece on What technical practices we could implement to reduce or avoid technical debt.

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⚙️ Automation

Pact HTTP Provider Testing (Golang)

In this video tutorial, Mark Bradley shows how we can utilize Pact (API and Microservice testing framework ) to test drive the implementation of a HTTP producer in Golang.

8 reasons Page-Object Model is overrated

Page-Object Model is a widely popular and go to designed-patterns to implement UI automations. Eldad Uzman takes an opposite view and presents a theoretical case against POM for automated UI tests and how it can actually reduce productivity.

Assessment System for Evaluating Test Automation Solutions

So you are thing about introducing the automated tests for your product. What’s your approach to evaluate test automation solutions/frameworks? This article presents an Assessment Framework that can help.

AWS EventBridge test automation with CDK

Amazon EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale

This article documents the implementation of Amazon EventBridge automate testing and relevant findings by Andy Blackledge.

Automating your first test with Selenium and Ruby

This article by Matt Heusser covers the Ruby wrapper for Selenium-Webdriver, providing step-by-step directions to understand, install, create and run tests in Ruby using Selenium 4.

Mobile test automation practices — Part 2: preconditions, elements verification and independent steps

This is Part 2 of an article on the mobile test automation practices by Dmitrii Makarenko. The article covers the following topics:

  1. Practice no. 4. Verification of element state transitions
  2. Practice no. 5. Guaranteed preconditions setup
  3. Practice no. 6. Simple and complex actions, or Independent steps in tests
  4. Practice no. 7. “Optional” elements verification (which is mandatory to do 🙂)

Part 1 covers role of automation ,details of the framework, and examined in detail three practices his company Bumble employs when creating auto tests.

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💨 Performance

Let’s configure JMeter with application insights in Azure

Step by step guide by Kithmini Midigaspege to configure the JMeter using Azure backend listener to view and analyze the performance test results.

Chaos Engineering and AWS FIS

Supratip Banerjee provides a very nice summary on Chaos Engineering, it’s Benefits and Challenges along with introduction of AWS FIS.

Speaking of Chaos engineering, in latest episode of the Test Guild, Joe Colantonio and Michael S. talked about How to practice Chaos Engineering. Chaos experiments, the five steps of the Scientific Method for Chaos Engineering, black holes, and Resiliency testing.

Is My Application Simulation Model Wrong?

This article by Harinder Seera details a use case of using Workload Model to replicate the actual load and answers few questions like, what if the results of the tests don't match your ASM (Application Simulation Model / Workload Model)? Is it possible that ASM is to blame? Or there's something more at play.

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using Google Cloud Build

Learn about how to integrate load testing with k6 into Google Cloud Build CI/CD Platform and different implementation paths, and when to use each in this article by Michael Wanyoike.

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🛡️ Security

API Security 101: Injection

Vickie Li describes how SQL injection and command injection happen in APIs with examples and what are the couple of ways of preventing injection vulnerabilities in APIs.

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🌞 Accessibility

Shifting Accessibility Testing to the Left

In this blog post, Marie Drake explains why designing for inclusivity wins, why we need to talk about accessibility a lot, what we can do to create a culture of inclusivity and how to shift accessibility testing to the left.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Awesome Testing Courses & Tutorials

A curated list of awesome online courses & tutorials on software testing, test automation and more.

{JSON} Placeholder

Free fake API for testing and prototyping. Powered by JSON Server + LowDB


Pluto is an Open-source On-device debugger for Android applications, which helps in inspection of HTTP requests/responses, capture Crashes and ANRs and manipulating application data on-the-go.


Not everyone wants to fiddle with mobile developer settings to view a page’s source. This web page makes it easy to do from anywhere.


A CSS stylesheet to quickly highlight a11y concerns.

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