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🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: May 4, 2022

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It is true that there is no such thing as a 100% bug free software. However it is also true that some bugs cost more than others. Here is a story of one such bug occurred in a game for iOS.

The Worst Bug Ever—Randomly Losing Your Best Players by Pocket Gems

📚 Testing

Become A Software Testing Detective – Part 1 by Prashant Hegde

I agree with Prashant Hegde’s analogy here. Indeed “To be an effective tester, you need to think like a detective.” In this two part series, read about several ideas that can help you to approach and solve problems more effectively.

Apart from this, I highly encourage you take a look at Testing at the Crime Scene series by Jeff Nyman. It’s an absolute gold mine.

5 Reasons why you don't need test cases by Wioletta Mikłasewicz

There has been many discussions around usefulness of test cases. Here is a one such piece by Wioletta detailing few reasons why you probably don't need test cases.

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⚙️ Automation

Improving testability and observability of look-ups in data pipelines by Bob Salmon

In this article, Bob Salmon describes a way of doing look-ups that doesn’t incur the testability and observability problems.

Also take a look at this article on Staging input data to improve testability in data pipelines.

Testing Multiple Domains with Cypress by Marie Drake

Cypress has released version 9.6.0 which finally allows testing for multiple domains

This is a quick and to the point blog post by Marie Drake on how to use this new command and how you can test multiple domains with this experimental command.

Blockchain for Test Engineers: Roadmap by Oleksandr Romanov

I belive Oleksandr has a keen eye on testing of blockchain applications. he has written on this subject on the past and now has started a series of blog posts on “Blockchain for Test Engineers.”.

Oleksandr has already written first blog post Blockchain for Test Engineers: Hashing in the series.

Speaking of blockchain testing, you might also want to take a look at this article by Clvn on how to prevent locked funds by testing your Ethereum smart contracts.

In-sprint Test Automation by Laval Magan

Laval Magan discusses the problems with the traditional automation approach and gives us the introduction to the In-sprint Automation and what are the benefits of the same.

Hello, espresso! Part 1 Introducing you to the world of espresso automation! by Gaurav Singh

Espresso is a UI automation library for Android maintained by Google

Start your journey of learning to automate tests with Espresso with this easy to follow guide by Gaurav Singh.

While we are talking about Android automation, here is a good article on Automating Android Push Notifications Tests with Appium by Jags

Let’s Smell Some Tests #2 — Asserting The Internal Behavior in Java by Krystian Szpiczakowski

Krystian Szpiczakowski provides an interesting perspective on Why your tests should verify only the observable behavior, not the implementation details to keep them free of false alarms, and why sometimes less is better.

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💨 Performance

Simula parallel requests to multiple API endpoints with JMeter by Nabila Siregar

Preparing the load test to find out how many concurrent requests the server can handle without going below its target throughput or rps ? Learn how to accomplish that using JMeter in this detailed guide by Nabila Siregar.

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🛡️ Security

Encryption Methods by Vincent Tong

If you are working or looking to expand your knowledge base in a security testing then having knowledge of encryption and it’s various types is very important. Vincent Tong has written a great article on what is encryption ? why do we need it and different types of encryption.

Automate Security Testing in CI/CD with Zed Attack Proxy by Balaji S A

Balaji S A demonstrates how run a cypress UI automation test with ZAP as a proxy and sending the security scan report with Amazon SES (simple email service).

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🛠️ Resources & Tools free web app to perform functions like DNS lookups, port checks port scans, IP Information gathering, hash generation, blacklist checks, subnet calculation and more..

Regex Vis An online tool to edit and visualize regular expressions and regular expression literals.

Security List A curated lists of tools, tips and resources for protecting digital security and privacy.

curlconverter Online tool to convert curl commands to Python, JavaScript, PHP, R, Go, Rust, Elixir, Java, Dart, JSON, and more.

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  1. Using metrics to report on quality
  2. Running Postman Tests in an CI Pipeline
  3. Confident Testing: A Methodology of Testing at Scale

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Actual comment on a timezone bug report

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