Issue 2: Best articles curated this week about Software Testing

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: March 22, 2021

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You Don't Always Need to Follow Best Practices By DENNIS MARTINEZ

We all love following best practices for our projects and they are necessary for the good health of the project. But what happens when at times these practices becomes a burden and obstacles to delivering your best work. Should you still keep following them to the bitter end or move it aside for some time ? In this article Dennis explores the best practices dilemma.

Blockchain Tests with Truffle (Solidity) By Rafaela Azevedo

This is a quick tutorial on how to run tests with Truffle Framework for your blockchain apps.

How to Bypass Selenium Drag & Drop Bug in Python By Dmitrii Bormotov

A very neat trick by Dmitrii to work with drag & drop with Selenium in Python.


LivingDoc generates living documentation for features. It combines all scenarios from all SpecFlow feature files into one central HTML report.

Extending Test Automation with Jupyter Notebooks By Brendan Connolly

This is a webinar by Brendan on how the notebooks can be used with selenium, API clients.

TDD: Balancing Progress with Stability By Bill Wake

This article explores how TDD can help balance progress and stability of the software.

Automation Delay – and how to prevent it By Matt Heusser

This is a shot article about few things that can automation tests delay which in turn causes the production delay.

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