Issue 12: Cognitive Bias in Performance Engineering

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: May 14, 2021

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📚 Top Reads

Stop Writing Overdone Test Plans By Jesper Ottosen

What comes to your mind when you hear Test Plan ? What should be included and how would you create it ? Read this amazing article by Jesper Ottosen and find out.

Dear Future Me: I Am Not Alone by Elisabeth (Lisi) Hocke

Sometimes you just have to take a step back, relax and forget about the world. It can be really overwhelming to deal with your work and life especially during this COVID times. Elisabeth (Lisi) Hocke has written a note to her future self as she shares her experience dealing with problem faced and also shares some good advice on how to deal with them in this article.

10 years of Software Testing and Automation by Gaurav Singh

I previously curated an retrospective of 34 Years in Testing by James Bach in 10th issue of the newsletter. Similarly, Gaurav Singh shares his journey on Software testing for the past 10 years.

FailQonf – celebrating our failures by Sam Connelly

Watch recording of Sam Connelly about failures in quality coach. Session was presented during FailQonf software testing conference which was held 5-6th June.

Sam has also created some beautiful Sketch notes on the different talks. Sketch notes are amazing way to present and remembering things. You can learn about the art of creating sketch notes from this this post by Louise Gibbs

Front-End Testing is For Everyone by Evgeny Klimenchenko

Evgeny covers the most popular and widely used types of tests in this article with some particle code examples.

⚙️ Automation

Static vs Unit vs Integration vs E2E Testing for Frontend Apps by Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds has created created the Testing Trophy which includes 4 types of test: End to End, Integration, Unit and Static. Take a deep dive on these different forms of testing, what it means practically, and what we can be done to optimize for return on investment for the same.

Optimize Selenium WebDriver Automated Test Scripts: Speed by Zhimin Zhan

Simple techniques to improve the execution speed of some automated test steps, up to 50X.

Automation Secrets, cheat sheet to CSS selectors

Learn easy and fastest way to CSS selectors expression for your automation needs by using this article by Jagriti Sharma

Automated End-to-End Testing with Cypress and Husky Pre-Commit hooks by Ankit Trehan

Use Cypress and Husky together to build a pre-commit testing hook for your application

💨 Performance

Cognitive Bias in Performance Engineering by Harinder Seera

More than often, performance testing does not get as much attention as it should ? now, why is that ? Harinder Seera has answer for you. He shares his experience on the same in this article.

Generating Code Coverage Report for Cypress by Marie Drake

Why code coverage you might ask ? It does give a visual indicator to see which areas of our code has been overly tested and which areas have not been tested at all.

Marie Drake provides a great explanation on the same and how to perform code coverage with cypress using babel-plugin-istanbul and cypress/code-coverage plugins.

🛡️ Security

7 security tips for your React application. 🔐 by Vaibhav Khulbe

Some of the common tips you'll find around to safeguard React application.

🌞 Accessibility

Color Contrast Testing by Siva Ganesan

Why color contrast is important in your app? Siva provides some insights and different way and tools to do Testing for Color Contrast.

Automated Accessibility Testing with sa11y by Alba Rivas

An article by Alba Rivas about using sa11y JavaScript libraries with Jest to write automated accessibility tests to ensures your DOM follows a set of accessibility guidelines (WCAG) and best practices.

🛠️ Resources & Tools

Terratest : Automated tests for your infrastructure code.

Terratest is a Go library that provides patterns and helper functions for testing infrastructure, with 1st-class support for Terraform,  Packer,  Docker,  Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, and more.

sqlmap : Automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool

sqlmap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting SQL injection flaws and taking over of database servers.

Colour Contrast Analyser (CCA)

TPGi’s free color contrast checker tool that allows you to easily determine the contrast ratio of two colors simply using an eyedrop tool.

sa11y : Salesforce Automated Accessibility Testing Libraries

sa11y is a set of JavaScript libraries, created by Salesforce, to help you write automated accessibility tests. It provides support for JestWebdriverIO, and generic JavaScript tests. 

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