Issue 74: Do you know about the gitk . and git-gui . ?

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: February 8, 2023

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I have been using SourceTree to interact with my Git repositories. It has a nice and clean UI that I like. But do you know that Git by defaults ships with few GUI utilities? Well, I didn’t know that. Apparently, you can just type ‘gitk .’ in your command prompt to visualize your git logs and ‘git-gui .’ to commit/push your repositories and much more… Have you ever used this utilities? Reply to this email and let me know what do you think.

Thank you Hillel Wayne for sharing this tip.

Now, let’s dig into this week’s curated links. I have few nice reads for you this week, let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

Exploring, Bug Chaining and Causal Models by Jeff Nyman

As a tester, if you want to learn about art of exploring, playing games with the tester’s mindset will do you so much good in my opinion.

In this article, Jeff Nyman ventures into the "Elden Ring” Game to explore and finds few interesting bugs, describes how one bug paves the path to another using an ‘Explore-Exploit Test Technique’. Very thoughtful.

Furthermore, If you are interested, I have curated few articles in the past about game testing. You can head over to the Software Testing Notes's Search Page and type ‘Game’ in Search box.

Revolutionizing Test Engineering with ChatGPT: Exploring the Possibilities of AI in Testing by Slawomir Radzyminski

ChatGPT is all everyone talks about now a days. If you are also wondering how it might help you as a tester, take a look at this very interesting article by Slawomir Radzyminski sharing five great examples of utilizing ChatGPT to aid in,

  1. Test Generation (Generate a Selenium/Java, PlayWright/Python, Cypress/JS UI test example.)
  2. CI configuration generation(Create GitHub Actions configuration that runs Gatling maven tests written in Java).
  3. Tool comparison, advices (Which tool to use from JMeter, k6, Locust and Gatling)
  4. Influential writing (convince my team that Cypress is a better tool)
  5. Creative tasks (Write testing manifesto in the style of agile manifesto)

Additionally, NaveenKumar Namachivayam has created and open-sourced a nice web utility to analyze performance test results using OpenAI.(Haven’t got a change to explore it yet! but, it is definitely in my to-do list.)

Code debugging for beginners by Nathanael Adam

Whether your are a developer or tester, having good debugging skill is must. In this article, Nathanael Adam shares few tips that can help you to debug better.

Furthermore, Hillel Wayne also wrote about Improve your debugging by asking broad questions.

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⚙️ Automation

Integration testing Node.js apps by Željko Šević

This article by Željko Šević covers a use case of how integration testing works. Željko has taken NestJS and Express as examples but this approach can be used with any framework and language.

And should you ever need to mock, Željko Šević has also written an article describing usage of spies and mocking with Jest.

Google Authentication with Playwright by Andrey Enin

When your test includes working with third party integrations, sometime there’s just no way around it. For example here Andrey Enin automates Google authentication using puppeteer-extra-plugin-stealth for login on Sign in form and reused signed in state for test executions.

Why Test Automation Projects Fail (and How We Might Succeed) by Michael Bolton

“Test Automation Projects” are software development projects, and all software development projects are vulnerable to failure.

You can automate great many things, but when in comes to writing automated tests, it basically comes out to “Expected Output == Actual Output” for the many(most! 😱) projects. Michael Bolton writes about how this thinking might lead to failure of test automation project. Michael also shares some great advice in the form of ‘Heuristics for Success’ to overcome this.

Additionally, Paul Grizzaffi have also written about Should Test Automation “Just Handle It”?.

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💨 Performance

Simulating real browser behaviour in performance testing with by Shawn Wang

Do you need test static resources of a web page in your performance testing? If yes, then take a look at this article by Shawn Wang showing how to do just that using Beautiful Soup to parse a returned page and pull out static resources in Python with Locust IO.

Testing and Optimizing Python Code for Performance by Navdeep Singh

A nice article by Navdeep Singh sharing how to test and optimize to improve the execution time and memory usage of your Python code.

Speaking of python, Arsil has written a great piece about Effective Debugging Techniques in Python.

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🛡️ Security

Cypress CSRF Form Testing by Gleb Bahmutov

CSRF is one of the security implementation to prevent unwanted actions on a web application. But what if you want to speed up your test by bypassing the UI and making direct API calls? Gleb Bahmutov shows how to do that in this article using Cypress.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Security Testing.

🛠️ Resources & Tools

hiSHtory A better shell history that stores your shell history in context (what directory you ran the command in, whether it succeeded or failed, how long it took, etc).

mochawesome — is a custom reporter to generate gorgeous HTML/CSS Reports for Mocha.js.

snapstub A small command line tool that allows you to take "snapshots" of any given API endpoint and store the response.

Hydra Lab — is a framework that can help you easily build a cloud testing platform utilizing the test devices/machines in hand.

Browse curated library of 300+ hand-picked tools & resources to help you solve your everyday software testing problems and supercharge your testing.


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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. Exploratory Testing Principles 1.0
  2. Is "Agile" just smoke and mirrors?
  3. It is never too late to reassess how you define quality

😂 And Finally,

As we have talked about debugging today, here is a great technique called Rubber Duck Debugging 🦆🤣

Keep Smiling and have a fun week.

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