Issue 92: Don’t Overthink Test Cases

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: May 28, 2023

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📚 Testing

Don’t Overthink Test Cases by Jesper Ottosen

Elaborate test case specifications go against the primary purpose of the testing activity they are to support.

Test cases are good but not if you over do it. How you may ask? Jesper Ottosen explains very neatly the pitfalls of following elaborate test cases, why they are not needed as much as you think, and if need be, how test cases should look like in Agile environment.

What is an Exploratory Test Charter, and How to Write it? from Moolya

A test charter is a high-level blueprint to help you streamline your testing efforts and adjust to unforeseen circumstances.

This article provides a good understanding of the testing charters. Take peak at this article to learn how to develop an Exploratory Test Charter along with Charter format that you can use for your own testing purpose.

Shift-Left Testing: Catching Defects Early by Denis Peganov

Denis Peganov does a really nice job explaining reasoning behind shift-left testing along with it’s pros and cons. The article also has few real world examples for us to learn how shift-left testing applies at various stages in product development.

Mastering Risk-Based Testing: A Comprehensive Guide for Maximizing Software Quality by Ryan Craven

We had talked about risk management in testing in previous issue (#91). This week, Ryan Craven has written a comprehensive guide on risk management in the context of software testing, different type of risks and how to perform risk analysis and how to implement RBT.

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⚙️ Automation

Debugging Playwright Tests by Mustafa Mašetić

Ever needed to debug your Playwright tests? Mustafa Mašetić shares 7 different ways with practical examples you can use to debug your Playwright tests for any issues.

Additionally, Sergei Gapanovich has written about Creating custom expects in Playwright: how to write your own assertions.

Harnessing the Power of Pix2Struct for Testing Images by Sravanti T.

Very insightful case study on using pix2struct model from the Transformers library to test images. Sravanti T. showcases how to utilize pix2struct model to extract text such as year from an image and compare it against mock data.

Piecing together a framework for automation in testing by Brijesh DEB

A lot has been said about how to choose a framework for your automation, how to approach it, what to do first. Nothing comes closer to what Brijesh DEB has explained in this so easy to understand post. A straightforward approach you can take to get started with test automation in your project.

JUnit5 and Parameterized Tests by Sébastien Noirot

A step by step guide to parameterization with JUnit5. This article by Sébastien Noirot covers parameterization with Values, Enum, CSV, Method, Argument, CSV files and much more. Each technique is explained in great detail with relevant examples.

Managing iOS Tests at Scale: A Symphony by Atakan Karslı

Take a look at this article to learn how Atakan Karslı and their team created a strategy for managing more than 25k+ tests on each commit.

10 Tips to Reduce Test Automation Execution Times by Joe Colantonio

Longer test executions are one of the biggest concern if you are releasing builds frequently. So, what are the actions you can take to reduce your overall test execution time? Read this piece by Joe Colantonio and find out.

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💨 Performance

Advanced Performance Testing with JMeter by Sachin Mamoru

Wondering how to create different type of performance tests with JMeter? This article by shares how to use Ultimate Thread Group in JMeter to visualize Stress Testing, Spike Testing and Endurance Testing.

👉 Read more fascinating finds in Performance Testing.

🌞 Accessibility

Accessibility Testing with Playwright by Luc Gagan

In this article, Luc Gagan shares a comprehensive guide on how to utilize playwright for accessibility testing using Axe-Core/Playwright library.

Luc Gagan has also created Rayrun — Collection of 70+ testing and development productivity tools along with Large language model (LLM) trained on Playwright documentation to answer questions about Playwright.

👉 Read more fascinating finds in Accessibility Testing.

🛠️ Resources & Tools — Collection of multiple online tools to work with JSON, PDF and Images...

Text Cleaner — Simple Text cleaner and formatter tool to perform complex operations.

Form Filler A customizable Chrome and Firefox extension that fills dummy text in all input fields in a page.

Cypress Chrome Recorder — Export Cypress Tests from Google Chrome DevTools' Recorder

🎁 Bonus Content



  1. How to prepare realistic test data via OpenAI API in Postman by Natalia Demianenko
  2. Testing vs Checking – Why is this still so contentious? by Ben Britton
  3. The Spectrum of AI Testing: Case Study by Jeff Nyman

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