Issue 78: How to Quickly and Efficiently Create Tests for MySQL

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: March 8, 2023

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Database Testing might be one of the few field that very few people in software testing community gets a chance to work with regularly. Also, in my curation, I see very few articles on the Databases (Also accessibility testing, but that’s a story for the another day) as my feed is mostly filled with UI and API automation. Although this might change in the future as I’m adding more and more sources for the curation (150+ so far and growing).

This week, I have lots of nice reads for you talking about Testing GPT-Based Apps, testing Screenshots, Mobile app shortcuts, MySQL stored procedures, creating disposable databases for testing, Implementing CI/CD with Github Actions, doing Accessibility Testing on Windows Apps and much more…

So, without any further delay, Lets dive into this week’s curated link. Please do let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

Testing GPT-Based Apps by Jason Arbon

This is a great article by Jason Arbon going into great detail of what large language models (LLMs) are, their usage, their features, limitations and how to go about testing GPT-based features and apps with an AI-first approach.

Two strategies to drive screenshot testing in Mobile projects by Ubiratan Soares

Get better at understanding screenshot tests for mobile apps with this article. Ubiratan Soares writes about two strategies that we can adopt and follow. Along with how to approach investing in screenshot tests and how it can help to catch more visual regressions as part of the test suite.

Logical Fallacies for Testers III: Appeal to Authority by Kristin Jackvony

Kristin Jackvony is back with the third article of the “Logical Fallacies for Testers” series. In this piece, Kristin talks about the one of the most common assumption that we place: “Since an expert has said so, it must be true!”. Also read Part-1 about The Causal Fallacy and Part-2 about The Sunk-Cost Fallacy.

Common Software Errors – Checklist by Rahul Parwal

Really great efforts by Rahul Parwal analyzing and converting Common Software Errors ( by Dr. Cem Kaner into a nice to follow checklist for everyone. As the name suggests, it’s a list of common software errors to assist you in your testing journey.

Learning from Little Bugs by Michael Bolton

Becoming an expert tester depends on recognizing the underlying structure of problems and how to test for them.

With the example of the certain text that Michael Bolton stumbled upon recently, he explains the importance of continuous learning even from little bugs that seem insignificance and how human interpretation, common sense and sound judgement can make us better at testing.

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⚙️ Automation

Slow Down! You’re Running Automation Way Too Fast by Paul Grizzaffi

Speeding up the executions of automated tests is a good thing. Right? In this article, Paul Grizzaffi explains it might be a good thing to introduce the delay when it comes to the mimicking actual human behavior, so that we could expose some potential unknown behaviors of the system.( Just like how we generally use ThinkTime and PacingTime to mimic the real world users for performance testing.)

Trigger Selected Cypress Specs Using GitHub Actions by Gleb Bahmutov

If you are using cypress and want to implement a mechanism to execute your failed tests using GitHub actions then this article is for you. Gleb Bahmutov has posted this nice step by step article with great example.

Playwright 108: Mouse events by Akhil Singh Rawat

Do you know how to perform Click, Double Click, Right-click, Mouse Hover, Drag and Drop with Playwright? It’s easier than you think. Read this article by Akhil Singh Rawat to know more.

How to test Android App Shortcuts by Alex Zhukovich

The "App Shortcuts" feature allows users to access a specific part of the application from the device's home screen.

You know how to automate your mobile app. But what about the other parts of the android platform that interacts with your app. Such as “Dynamic Shortcuts that can involve some form of business logic of the application”. Take a look at this article by Alex Zhukovich showing how to cover them using UiAutomator.

Additionally, Amr Salem has written a step by step guide on How to Run Android Emulator out of the box with GitHub Actions!

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How to Quickly and Efficiently Create Tests for MySQL by Yuri Danilov

Wanna learn how to test stored procedures and functions for MYSQL Database? In this article Yuri Danilov shows how you can perform database testing without installing any additional utilities.

How to run disposable databases for your tests. Improve your integration tests accuracy with Testcontainers by Daniel Genezini

In this post, Daniel Genezini explains how to spin up disposable database containers to use in integration tests using Testcontainers in C#.

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💨 Performance

Sampling Profiler & Rogue case of App Profiling by Akash Khunt

This post by Akash Khunt details a interesting false positive performance issue. This particular issue was only observable when profiling a release build, and that is also on a device which was constrained on memory (RAM) and CPU power.

Troubleshooting performance issues in Linux

Some tips and tricks to properly debug and identify the performance bottlenecks within the Linux Systems along with some common performance issues.

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🛡️ Security

How Selenium WebDriver overcomes Same Origin Policy by Abhishek Dhoundiyal

Same Origin policy prohibits JavaScript code from accessing elements from a domain that is different from where it was launched.

Another under the hood kind of article about selenium that I have shared it in one of the previous issue. In this piece, Abhishek Dhoundiyal explains how selenium manages the Same Origin policy to interact with the web browser.

Why Penetration Testing is Crucial for Your Organization by LoQ Linoge

A nice article detailing the importance of penetration testing and why every organization should care about it.

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🌞 Accessibility

Accessibility Testing on Windows Apps by Andreea D.

Have you ever needed to test desktop applications for accessibility? Andreea D. has documented her learning along with some nice tips for us.

Automated Accessibility Part 3: Regression Tests by Mark Steadman

Another good article by Mark Steadman on accessibility testing. This time Mark makes a case for having Automated A11y Regression Tests.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Thunder Client Add an API endpoint and header information, along with query parameters, and check the response, all within VS Code.

Jest VS Code extension It supports full Jest features within the VS Code environment. If the extension can find a Jest command within your project, it will run and monitor your project's tests in watch mode, upon launch. It will also display inline and in the TestExplorer, which tests passed and failed.

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