Issue 6: How to read QR Code content from your Mobile or Web App

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: May 3, 2021

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📚 Top Reads

The most important soft skill of a tester By Andrejs Doronins

Having good technical knowledge is good but having good soft skillset is a huge plus for the software testers because as a QA having good repo with developers, clients is very important for the success of any project.

Tester’s Ten Commandments By Quality Testing Lab

I like to think of this as a fundamental part of being a good testers. suggestions given in this article hits almost all the spots.

Improve your app quality with simple QA processes By Clovis Bernier

Want to know how to start thinking about product quality. Start with this article by Clovis.

Why “Test Automation Engineer” Job Titles Can Be Damaging By Jamaal Todd

Automation assist, it doesn’t replace testing itself but we are seeing a trend where more importance is given to the automation rather than software testing. Jammal shares insights on the same in this article.

The Cold Hard Truth About Zero-Defect Software Via QA Lead

Software without any defect is a myth. But how to get out of this thinking and move forward ? Niall gets into very detail about the same topic.

Dilemmas Of Testing In Production (And A Way Forward) Via QA Lead

In this article Niall Lynch talks about dangers of Testing in production.

⚙️ Automation

Deploying Zalenium in Google Cloud using Kubernetes and Helm By Ashish Ghosh

In this article ashish takes about how we can easily spin up a Selenium Grid in Google Cloud Platform.

Tweaking your UI automation logs By Martin Schneider

How to optimize log output for plain text or console output with Logback and SLF4J.

The ScreenIdentifier Pattern for UI Tests Via Start it up

Whenever a test is expected to transition the application under test to a new screen, we use this screen identifier pattern to verify that the screen/page loads correctly before continuing with the test.

Web automation with Playwright By Sumalatha Elliadka

The playwright is an open-source web automation library that is built on top of Puppeteer.

Writing Environment Values to Allure Report in Java By Danny Simantov

Neat little Java library created by Danny to add test environment details into allure report.

sweetest — create tests you actually love working with By Marc Neureiter

sweetest is a Kotlin framework that helps you write test code for Java/Kotlin projects that can also be shared with BDD frameworks and does convenient dependency management.

Generate HTML Reports with SeleniumBase By Dilpreet Johal of Automation Bro

How we can generate Dashboard and HTML reports with the SeleniumBase framework.

How to read QR Code content from your Mobile or Web App By Elias Nogueira

An example of reading the QR code images with ZXing (open-source, multi-format 1D/2D barcode image processing library implemented in Java)

💨 Performance

Run Your Python Code as Fast as C By Marcel Moosbrugger

How you can supercharge the performance of your python code without changing a thing.

🛠️ Resources & Tools

Bug Magnet
Exploratory testing assistant for Chrome, provides easy edge case values on some clicks

A free tool for sending request from any sort of command line application

Exploratory Testing Chrome Extension
A easy tool to use while testing the web App, we can easily implement the above PQIP model with this tool.

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