Issue 60: Internet Explorer is gone. But Maybe not.

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: June 16, 2022

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So what we have anticipated for so long has finally happened. Internet Explorer 11 has retired and is officially out of support. Now what does that mean for testers ? Well, not just for testers but for the developers as well. But before you go wondering about that, lets pause for a second. Grass might not be that much greener as it might appear as Adrian Roselli rightly points out that Internet Explorer Still Does Not Go Away Today.

📚 Testing

As a Tester, What can I showcase except Bugs, Tests, and Bug Reports? by Rahul Parwal

This is an interesting question to ask. Apart from bugs, tests and reports what else is there for a tester ? Rahul Parwal shares some things that can be done and used to showcase a tester’s work. And while you are at it, also take a look at 10 Testing Issues of concern.

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⚙️ Automation

Allure Report Hands-on Guide by Ruslan Akhmetzianov

If there ever was a one stop guide to working with allure reports then this is the one. In this guide, Ruslan Akhmetzianov will take you through the main steps to creating your first Allure report and discover all the fancy features that it brings to routine automated testing reports.

Selenide Tutorial Series by Dilpreet Johal

Selenide is a UI test automation framework in Java built on top of Selenium Webdriver

Dilpreet Johal has started the series on working with Selenide and this is the first part in the series focused on the introduction to Selenide.

Asserting Them Softly – Soft Asserts In Practice by Paul Grizzaffi

In your automation test you either use hard asserting or soft assertions. But which one to use in which situation. In this blog post, Paul Grizzaffi describes how should we use soft asserts and which cases are better suited for them.

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💨 Performance

Setup and Run your distributed JMeter load test in just 1 minute by Niron Rasanjana Perera

Read this post by Niron Rasanjana Perera to learn about how to perform distributed load testing with JMeter and Azure Load Testing. Niron Rasanjana Perera provides a great introduction to Azure Load Testing Preview which is a fully managed load-testing service that enables you to generate high-scale load.

Speaking of JMeter, new version JMeter 5.5 is finally out now. Take a look at this release summary to learn more about the new changes.

Client side performance testing with + Google Lighthouse by cvagurunathan

It’s actually very easy to integrate the google Lighthouse test with cypress using Cypress Lighthouse Plugin. Take a look at this short and to the point article to learn how.

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🛡️ Security

iOS security testing & reverse engineering guide by vadimszzz

Probably one of the most useful, structured and interesting guides on the iOS platform. The article includes a lot of information, covering from an overview of the platform, tools and to various approaches and actions for analyzing applications.

All You should know about HTTP Host Header Injection by Nathan

Take a look at this article by Nathan to learn about HTTP host header Injection. Nathan explains briefly what the host header is, how vulnerabilities can arise with several examples.

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🌞 Accessibility

Aspects of Accessibility (a11y) - Semantics, Contrast and... Anxiety? by Sara Wallén

As author rightly suggests “nobody can know absolutely everything there is to know about web accessibility”. But we as a testers, should thrive to learn as much as we possible can about accessibility so that we are better prepared for the accessibility testing. Read this article by Sara Wallén to learn about page structure, contrast levels etc…

Web Accessibility – What it is, why you should pay attention to it and how to get started by Robin Lejeune

Robin Lejeune also written this great article providing general overview of what web accessibility means, why it matters, what it looks like and how to get started.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

MS Teams Test Reporter Publishes test results to Microsoft Teams & Slack.

Contrast Grid Online tool to simultaneously test many foreground and background color combinations for compliance with WCAG 2.0 minimum contrast.

WebPageTest The classic open-source web performance suite recently had an overhaul to suggest actionable opportunities, based on your test results, to quickly improve website performance for free.

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  1. Not all testing is equal, or useful, and some is even damaging
  2. Testing Strategies in a Microservice Architecture
  3. Between the words Smoke and Sanity, and Test

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