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Welcome to the 96th edition of Software Testing Notes, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content on Software Testing. I hope this week has been good for you so far.

Due to some urgent personal commitments, I wasn’t able to curate new links this week. So, I’m presenting you with most popular links that I have curated so far in 2023.

We have total of 62 articles across various categories that were loved by the community. So, I invite you to take a look back at the past six months and enjoy this most popular links on 2023 so far.

📚 Thoughts on Testing

  1. Writing The Perfect Tests for your Application by Neciu Dan
  2. Key Differences Between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Integration Testing by Ritika
  3. Exploratory Testing Principles 1.0 by Sergio Freire
  4. Is "Agile" just smoke and mirrors? by Michael Küsters
  5. It is never too late to reassess how you define quality by Mike Harris
  6. Exploring, Bug Chaining and Causal Models by Jeff Nyman
  7. Revolutionizing Test Engineering with ChatGPT: Exploring the Possibilities of AI in Testing by Slawomir Radzyminski
  8. Keeping tests valuable: Are the code coverage metrics reliable? by Rafael M.
  9. Mastering T-Shaped Skills: A Comprehensive Guide for Software Engineers in Test by Slawomir Radzyminski
  10. Testing an application you're unfamiliar with - where to begin? by Mirza Sisic
  11. Common Software Errors – Checklist by Rahul Parwal
  12. Testing GPT-Based Apps by Jason Arbon
  13. Learning from Little Bugs by Michael Bolton
  14. Master the Art of Writing Effective Test Cases by Muhammad Haris
  15. Why is BDD confused with testing? by Dennis de Booij
  16. Ultimate UI Testing Checklist by Rahul Parwal
  17. How Testers can add value in an Agile Team by Bart Vanherck
  18. Preparing for a Technical QA Engineer Job Interview by Lewis Prescott
  19. Useful books on testing, automation and engineering by Oleksandr Romanov
  20. 51 Stories To Learn About Bugs
  21. Become a QA Superstar: 5 Habits That Will Take Your Skills to the Next Level by Elvira Riianova
  22. OG Testers Mental Tricks: Heuristics, Biases and Autosuggestion by Vincent Ferreira
  23. Testers should adopt the pirate mindset by Bart Vanherck
  24. Introduction to Shift Left Testing by Anshita Bhasin
  25. My five favorite testing questions by Joep Schuurkes
  26. All you need to know about Fuzzing / Fuzz Testing? by Karlos G. Ray
  27. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Bugs: How Visual Testing Can Improve Software Quality by Neil Matillano
  28. Tester Imposter Syndrome by Callum Akehurst-Ryan
  29. How can you improve the testability of your product? by Mike Harris
  30. Testers are Gate-Crashers by James Thomas
  31. Dear ISTQB. Please update your syllabi. It is 2023 already. by Daniel Delimata
  32. Efficient Visual Layout Testing with Chrome DevTools by Natalia Demianenko
  33. Testing vs Checking – Why is this still so contentious? by Ben Britton
  34. The Spectrum of AI Testing: Case Study by Jeff Nyman
  35. Don’t Overthink Test Cases by Jesper Ottosen
  36. Shift-Left Testing: Catching Defects Early by Denis Peganov

⚙️ Automation, 💨 Performance, 🛡️ Security, 🌞 Accessibility and more…

  1. Getting Started With Property-Based Testing in Python With Hypothesis and Pytest by Rodrigo Girão Serrão and Dan Ackerson
  2. Why Test Automation Projects Fail (and How We Might Succeed) by Michael Bolton
  3. Test Creation Only Account for ~10% of Web Test Automation Efforts by Zhimin Zhan
  4. How to create integration tests for an API server with 90% Code Coverage in 1 hour without writing any code by Zvonimir Sabljic
  5. Two Simple Reasons that ChatGPT (AI) Won’t Work in End-to-End Test Automation by Zhimin Zhan
  6. 7 Test Automation Mistakes and Solutions with Examples by Elvira Riianova
  7. 10 changes that improved our tests by Tom Perry
  8. When you should not automate your tests by Oscar Cepeda
  9. Too Many Failed JavaScript Test Automation Frameworks! by Zhimin Zhan
  10. Full Code Coverage For Free byGleb Bahmutov
  11. 7 most used util and helper methods in test automation project by Millan Kaul
  12. How to create E2E tests in Node.js with no frameworks - step by step! by Erick Wendel
  13. Why duplication is more acceptable in tests by Jason Swett
  14. Maestro – The New Kid On The Mobile Automation Block by Daniel Knott
  15. The Zen of Page Objects: Find Inner Peace and Clean Code by Yana Lunts
  16. How to mock HTTP APIs with MockServer
  17. Proactively detect and fix flaky tests in your test suite by Chun Fei ⭕️ Lung
  18. Design Patterns for Test Automation Solutions: Part 2 -JavaScript/Typescript by Kostiantyn Teltov
  19. JavaScript for Testers Part 1: JS Basics for Postman by Ishtiaque Foysol
  20. Enhancing Test Reliability: Exploring Playwright's Retry APIs for Robust Testing by Luc Gagan
  21. Where Does Trace-Based Testing Fit in the Testing Pyramid? by Ken Hamric
  22. Top 17 Automated Testing Best Practices (Supported By Data) by Nikolay Advolodkin
  23. How to prepare realistic test data via OpenAI API in Postman by Natalia Demianenko
  24. Debugging Playwright Tests by Mustafa Mašetić
  25. 5 Common Mistakes in Performance Testing by Shailesh Gohel
  26. A Practical Approach to Automated Accessibility by Mark Steadman

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