Issue 105: Need a Testing Metric? Put Points on Your Test Cases

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: October 4, 2023

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📚 Testing

Why Agile is Essential in Testing and What Happens Without It by Denis Peganov

Agile has become an integral part of the software development and testing eco-system. This article is a really nice thought exercise by Denis Peganov showcasing how software development and testing would function in the absence of the Agile methodologies.

GraphQL Testing with @playwright/test by Cerosh Jacob

Wanna learn how to test GraphQL queries using Playwright? Take a look at this article by Cerosh Jacob sharing how to write a test case that sends a GraphQL query to a specified endpoint and checks whether the response is successful and whether it contains the expected data fields specified in the GraphQL query.

Need a Testing Metric? Put Points on Your Test Cases. by Paul Grizzaffi and Mas Kono

If you are just using number of test cases (passed/failed/skipped) to measure your testing process and success then you should take a look at this article. Paul Grizzaffi and Mas Kono have some nice suggestions to enhance your testing matric.

How to Structure, Perform, & Report On Exploratory Testing by Hannah Son

Every exploratory testing exercise follows the five stages of session-based test management (also called the “SBTM Cycle”). Learn more about it in this thorough article by Hannah Son along with nice example and some Exploratory testing best practices.

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⚙️ Automation

Design Patterns for Automation by Sri Priya P Kulkarni

There are many design patterns are available for you to model your automation testing, not all of them are same and you should implement them as per your specific requirements. In this article by Sri Priya P Kulkarni learn what kind of design patterns are available and when to use them.

Implementing a Robust Retry Mechanism for Failed Tests in Cucumber with Java by Darmawan H

Annoyed with many intermittent test failures? There is a way to minimize this risk. Read this article by Darmawan H and find out.

New Chrome Feature — Modify Response in Network Tab by Bhargav R G

Whoh!!! I can modify the response of a request without using any third party tool? Yes, with new chrome you now can. Follow this instruction by Bhargav R and try it for yourself.

Tips & Tricks : Mocking APIs With Playwright by Amr Salem

API mocking is a handy skill to have. Learn how to mock particular APIs using Playwright and few tips and tricks to make it super useful in this piece by Amr Salem.

Furthermore, Butch Mayhew has written about his best practices to follow for creating Playwright API tests — The Definitive Guide to API Test Automation With Playwright: Part 12 - My Top 10 Great Practices

Mastering Playwright: Best Practices for Web Automation with the Page Object Model by Luc Gagan

POM is a widely popular practice of web page automation. This is a very detailed article by Luc Gagan sharing everything you need to know about creating maintainable, reliable, and scalable test scripts using POM in Playwright.

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💨 Performance

K6 Development: Beyond The Basic Setup by Felicia Walker

Using K6 for performance testing? The basic setup might suffice your needs for a moment but if you want to learn more advance stuff then this article is for you. Enjoy!

Gatling Supports Java DSL for Java and Kotlin-Based Performance Tests by Johan Janssen

Gatling, a one of the popular performance testing tool supports Java DSL in addition to Scala scripting. Now users can choose between Java, Scala and Kotlin for their tests. Take a look at this article by Johan Janssen demonstrating Java DSL implementation and how it differs from Scala tests.

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🛡️ Security

Exploring OWASP's New Security Chatbot: A Tester's Perspective by Joss S.

opencre — interactive content linking platform for uniting security standards and guidelines into one overview.

With all new AI bots hype, it was bound to happen at some point. Now you can chat with opencre and get all information that you might require. Take a look at this article by Joss S. showing how.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Mobile FIRST A Chrome extension that offers a smartphone and tablet simulator to test your mobile site on various devices.

Loki A visual regression testing tool for Storybook, that features easy setup, no additional maintenance cost, reproducible tests independent of OS, and supports all platforms that Storybook does.

GraphQL Network Inspector A platform-agnostic network inspector for viewing and debugging GraphQL requests, available as a Chrome or Firefox extension.

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  1. How to start with test automation — Playwright codegen by mati-qa
  2. Contract Tests: A New Hope by Edgar Miró
  3. Want to Increase Your Salary as a Tester? Look for a New Job by Dennis Martinez

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