Issue 5: Performance Testing with Kubernetes using Kangal

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: April 26, 2021

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How to Write a Bug Report By Kerry Jones

Filling bug report is the most important part of the testing. it must be clear, short and to the point with all relevant supported artifacts. Kerry digs though fundamentals for the writing the good report with a template which can be useful to many testers.

Basic Test Scenario creation with Decision Table By Luís Aguirre

Luís gives us a basic example of how to start writing test scenarios by examine the simple use cases and coming up with the simple method to writing better test scenarios.

Rest API Automation with Rest Assured By Anurag Anand

This article by Anurag is a very good first step to get started with API Automation with Rest Assured.

Software Testing Is Evolving, Here’s How By Jamaal Todd

Jamaal navigates through how software testing used to be and how it’s change slowly but surely bridging the gap between developers and testers and thus improving the software quality.

Why I no longer use “Cucumber” in e2e automation testing By Robin XUAN

Writing the test cases in BDD style is good. It adds clarity to each step of test and is easily understandable to the non technical persons too. But if we are not careful while using BDD, it can very easily turn into the maintenance nightmare. Robin explains it in much better way in this article.

Performance Testing in Kubernetes using Kangal By Naveen

Naveen is back with another great article on performance testing. In this post he deep-dives into how you can spin up Kubernetes cluster and run Locusts and JMeter tests using Kangal.

Introducing OpenSDK: Open Source Automation Framework for Web & Mobile Testing By Mark Kardashov

Test Project has launched a cross platform open source automation framework for web & mobile testing. It seems to be really interesting. I have not gone through everything yet but so far so good. :)

Easily Create Mock Data for Unit Tests By Dino Kacavenda

In this article, Dino shows us how to improve unit tests with the use of the builder design pattern to create mock data.

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