Issue 53: Running Tests on Mobile Devices with selenium and Appium

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: April 13, 2022

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📚 Testing

Why test coverage tagets backfire by Michael Küsters

Test coverage is important but it can backfire just as easily if not done properly. Michael Küsters describes the good, bad and ugly of test coverage targets.

Notes on Testing Notes by James Thomas

Taking notes while testing certainly help to keep track of everything. And if you are looking for any help or template to get started, James Thomas has written a great piece about it.

This Is How To Start In Quality Engineering (Methods) by Antoine Craske

Getting started with anything can be little hard no matter what and setting up proper Quality engineering methods are no different. This article by Antoine Craske focuses on the methods required to start with Quality at Speed software.

Testing Pyramid Clarified by Zhimin Zhan

Zhimin Zhan wrote a very detailed article on comparison of four types of automated testing in the Testing Pyramid

Build quality in with shared understanding, using the Holistic Testing model by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

In the continuous series of Holistic Testing model, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin writes about ways the Holistic Testing model helps can us build shared understanding.

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⚙️ Automation

Running Tests on Mobile Devices with selenium and Appium by David Tzemach

There are several things that we need to install before we can run tests on our mobile devices. David Tzemach has written a detailed step by step guide to environment preparation for using Appium and also shows us how we can run the test on a virtual device.

Easy Solutions to WebDriver Testing Problems by Cagri Ataseven

Here is article about some of the common problems that you might encounter. Cagri Ataseven shares five problems that you might come across while using WebDriver, and their solutions with ChromeDriver using Java.

Using Pytest Fixtures: A Step-by-Step Guide With Examples

In this step-by-step guide, author goes through how to set up pytest with fixtures and also goes into detail of different types of fixtures, with examples.

Up your testing game: Flutter's testing framework by Reme L.

In this article, Reme L. takes a look at a great utility ‘find.byWidgetPredicate’ provided by Flutter's testing framework which can provide a lot more power when it comes to accurately test widgets.

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💨 Performance

Can cloud native go 20,000 transactions per second? by Francesco De Liva

This article by Francesco De Liva provides several techniques and procedures for understanding bottlenecks and scaling your architecture to reach your wished application SLA, focusing on performance and latency optimization for Azure Cloud-Native solution.

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🛡️ Security

Understanding Cybersecurity Through the Lens of Blockchain Applications

Blockchain security is important just as for any technology. Here is a great article describing four primary ways in which blockchain applications come under attack from hackers and also take a look at benefits of Blockchain Technology in Cyber Security.

What is SQL injection and How Can You Protect Your Business From It?

Getting started with SQL injection and don’t know where to start ? here is a great article describing what is an SQL injection and how we can protect product from SQL injections.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Animate SQL — Online tool to see visualizations of SQL queries. Choose an SQL keyword along with an animation duration and then use the "Visualize" button to see what how the selected keyword behaves.

JSON Visio — A simple visualization tool and formatter for your JSON data with no forced structure. Paste your JSON and view it visually using various flow-chart formats.

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  1. Happiness-oriented Testing (HoT)
  2. Testing Web Vitals With Cypress
  3. Testing 101: How to meet your software testing goals

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Testing during development.

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