Issue 103: Should You Switch Your Test Automation Tools?

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: September 14, 2023

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📚 Testing

How the 'Tester's Mindset' Can Be a Barrier or a Bridge for Software Testing by Joss S.

A refreshing perspective by Joss S. on What makes a good tester and how to navigate some common stereotypes associated with the role of Software Tester.

Furthermore, Jeff Nyman has written about My Role as Quality and Test Specialist.

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⚙️ Automation

Get started with StoreKit Testing in Xcode by Natascha Fadeeva

Now you can test in-app purchases and subscriptions with StoreKit Testing in Xcode. Wanna know how? Read this article by Natascha Fadeeva going step by step how to creating and configure a StoreKit and test product purchase.

Tests to hold code securely in place by Bob Salmon

Are you writing automated tests? If yes, then how do you know that they are good enough? Bob Salmon shares some nice tips you can put into practice.

Should You Switch Your Test Automation Tools? by Dennis Martinez

Recent cypress frenzies has lots of people rattled and fanatically looking at the alternatives without giving much time. We are always looking for the shiny new things and FOMO it brings. But if you really had to switch from your current stack, Dennis Martinez gives some nice advice on when you should start looking into switching your existing testing tools.

Playwright with Java | Maven and TestNG by Mansi Gupta

Playwright comes in many flavors. And for those of you JAVA fans, Mansi Gupta has written this guide to get started with Playwright automation with Java.

And speaking of Playwright, Cerosh Jacob shows how to do Efficient Test Debugging with Playwright Trace Viewer.

Appium: Mobile App Test Automation Made Easy by Vitaly Skadorva

Appium is a first choice of many for android automation. If you are thinking about learning Appium then this article is for you. Vitaly Skadorva writes this nice blog post discussing basics of Appium and how to use it to automate your mobile app tests.

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💨 Performance

Understanding Request Latency with Profiling by Richard Startin

When profiling for request latency, CPU time shouldn’t be your only focus. This post by Richard Startin is about how to use Datadog’s Java wallclock profiler to improve request latency without making any code changes, or even seeing the code for that matter.

Exploratory Testing with Logmine by Ajitava Deb

logmine — is a log pattern analyzer CLI

Log analysis is a must have skill for any tester. It will provide more insights about behaviour of a product. In this post, Ajitava Deb details how to use a opensource tool called logmine to analyze the logs of your app and identify issues.

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🌞 Accessibility

Accessibility Testing: Understanding & Evaluation by Bhavani Sruti Somaraju

Getting started with accessibility testing? This article by provides nice over of what accessibility testing is all about along with a checklist to Test Accessibility.

Additionally, Daniel Knott has also written about Why Accessibility Testing important.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

XcodeSelectiveTesting — uses Test Plans to reduce the number of tests that need to be executed based on calculating what tests have been affected by the files you’ve changed.

AssertJ is a Java library that provides a rich set of assertions and truly helpful error messages, improves test code readability, and is designed to be super easy to use within your favorite IDE.

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  1. New Fields of Testing Activities by Jesper Ottosen
  2. 4 Things That Make a Great Tester by Nicola Lindgren
  3. We Need to Talk More by Callum Akehurst-Ryan

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