Issue 100: Successful collaborative testing sessions

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📚 Testing

Successful collaborative testing sessions by Ben Dowen

Having collaborative testing sessions with relevant stockholders is one of the most effective way of enhancing your testing. Ben Dowen has written very insightful article detailing what you could do make these kind of sessions more effective.

Unit Tests Are Overrated: Rethinking Testing Strategies by Titus Fortner

I have came across many teams reducing the QA by making developers write more Unit tests as it is considered best practice and they tend to assume that since unit tests are passing there is not that much to do with other type of tests. Titus Fortner explains much better than me in this article along with how this QA vs Dev focus testing inevitably affects one of the core area of testing → Integration testing.

The 4 Attributes of Testability : Observability by Gil Zilberfeld

This is a second installment of four part series exploring attributes of testability. In this article Gil Zilberfeld explores how easily we can observe the result or effect of the operation.

Also, take a look at the part 1 discussing first attribute - Operability.

You wouldn’t test a car once it’s fully assembled, why do that to your app? by David Burns

David Burns draws interesting parallel between how testing is carried out in software and automobile industry. Worth the read.

Unraveling the Unknown: The Essence of Exploratory Testing by Karunakar

Karunakar has written some nice pointers about some important key characteristics of Exploratory Testing, It’s advantages, challenges and tips to make Exploratory Testing more effective.

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⚙️ Automation

A World Beyond Libraries: Cross-Library screenshot tests on Android by Sergio Sastre Florez

There are lots of ways to start snapshot testing for your android app and there are many libraries you can use. But how do you know what is the best option for you? Thankfully, Sergio Sastre Florez has written a great article exploring some of the most popular libraries along with their uses and limitations.

Sorry-Cypress: It’s not me, It’s you by Gili Yaniv

Sorry-cypress is an open-source alternative to the Cypress Dashboard for recording, managing, and analyzing your Cypress test runs.

In this article, compares “Sorry Cypress” and “Cypress Cloud” and shows step by step process of implementing Sorry-cypress for your cypress test automation.

How to Write Browser Tests Using Laravel Dusk by Simon Rusin

Laravel Dusk provides an expressive, easy-to-use browser automation and testing API.

IF you are testing for Laravel app, Laravel Dusk might be the better solution to automate testing compare to Selenium. Simon Rusin shares some nice insights about it in this article along with how you can get started with automation testing with Laravel Dusk.

Unit Testing and UI Testing in iOS by Shilpriya Shah

This is a step by step guide to get started with unit testing and UI testing for iOS by writing Unit tests. Nicely written article by Shilpriya Shah explaining the step by step process with code examples and explanation of each code fragment.

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💨 Performance

Finding Balance in Complexity: A Performance Engineer’s Guide to the Pareto Principle by Hariprabu Kandasamy

Pareto Principle (“80/20 rule”) states 80% of all outcomes are derived from 20% of causes. But, how does this principle manifest within the context of performance engineering? Read this great post by Hariprabu Kandasamy to find out.

How to Automate Memory Leak Detection in Your Swift Code with XCTest by Dan Torres

Dan Torres shares some nice tricks to integrating memory leak tracking into unit tests.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

WebPerf-Snippets A curated list of snippets to get web performance metrics to use in the browser console or as snippets in Chrome's DevTools.

a11y-ai An experimental tool to automatically detect accessibility issues in web pages using OpenAI and provide suggestions for fixing them.

CrowdView — A search engine that lets you conduct a search exclusively on forum websites (Stack Overflow, Hacker News, Reddit, etc).

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  1. The Very Idea of Test Cases by Jeff Nyman
  2. Streamlining Test Reporting with Real-Time Dashboards by Irfan Mujagić
  3. Cargo-cult testing by Amit Wertheimer

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