Issue 88: Testers are Gate-Crashers

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: May 31, 2023

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"Testers are the gatekeepers of quality" is one of the most common misconception you are bound to hear from someone. This week we are about to learn how to address this with a slightly different way.

In this Issue of Software Testing Notes, we will learn about,

  • Testers are Gate-Crashers
  • How “GUI Test Automation” adds value to actual end users.
  • Performing Visual Testing with Cypress and Playwright
  • UI Performance Testing with Lighthouse and Cypress
  • How to utilize Maven to setup and manage JMeter and much more…

So, lets dive into this week’s curated links, let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

Testers are Gate-Crashers by James Thomas

"Testers are the gatekeepers of quality" is one of the most common misconception you are bound to hear from someone. James Thomas ponders over how someone might think that if they don’t have much visibility in testing and puts context behind testing to help understand it better.

Advocating for less testing? from

Some nice insights to how less testing might make your development process more robust. Author shares thoughts on Anne-Marie Charrett’s original post about advocating for less testing.

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⚙️ Automation

Cowardly ‘Automated Testers’ use “GUI Test Automation is hard” as an excuse to avoid, instead do only API Testing by Zhimin Zhan

UI automation is hard, no denying that. But that shouldn’t be your excuse to avoid end to end UI automation tests. Zhimin Zhan shares importance of having good end to end GUI test and how it benefits the product and actual end users.

Getting started with Selenium? This guide by Agostino Careddu will help you learn more about selenium and it’s architecture. The article also has step by step details of how to install Selenium IDE, record the test and executed with browser.

How to Perform Visual Testing with Cypress by Balaji Kumarasamy

“Visual testing” or some might say Screenshot testing. (Really, I’ve heard it😀) comes in handy to perform UI comparison. Take a look at this article by Balaji Kumarasamy showing how to perform visual regression testing with cypress-visual-regression plugin.

Additionally, If you are a fan of Playwright, Balaji Kumarasamy has written about Visual testing using playwright as well.

Design Patterns for Test Automation Solutions: Part 2 -JavaScript/Typescript by Kostiantyn Teltov

Learning how Design Patterns works is one of the most important thing you can learn when you are developing your automated tests. Take a look at this guide by Kostiantyn Teltov implementing it with JavaScript/Typescript.

Furthermore, also take a look at the part 1 Design Patterns for QA Automation: Build effective test solutions which was curated in #65th Issue.

JavaScript for Testers Part 1: JS Basics for Postman by Ishtiaque Foysol

Working with Postman is such a joy. Ishtiaque Foysol went on a quest of learning api testing with Postman and has document the journey of new learning. New lesson for each day, for 6 days.

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💨 Performance

Why standard deviation is important in performance tests by Grzegorz Piechnik

In previous Issue we learned how single test might not give you the proper results when it comes to the performance testing. This time, lets learn about ‘standard deviation and how it affects your performance analysis’ with this article by Grzegorz Piechnik.

Learning JMeter: Setting up a basic Maven project with an SFTP example by Tony Tan

Did you know, you can use Maven to setup and manage JMeter? Sounds like a good deal if you tilt more towards code than GUI. Read this article by Tony Tan to know how setup maven project for JMeter, configure it and execute the performance test using maven commands.

Enhancing UI Performance Testing with Lighthouse and Cypress by Muditp

Along with backend you should also consider how to performance test your front-end as well. Take a peak at this article by Muditp showing how to configure Google Lighthouse reporting with Cypress.

Stop using the CPU metric by Twan Koot

While it is one of the important matric, CPU utilization might not always give you the clear picture that you are looking for about app performance. Twan Koot explains why that is the case.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Hermione A utility for integration testing of web pages using WebdriverIO and Mocha.

Chronos A comprehensive developer tool that monitors the health and web traffic of servers, microservices, containers, and AWS, enabling you to see real-time data monitoring and receive automated notifications over Slack or email.

Restfox An offline-first web HTTP client for API testing, debugging, prototyping, etc.

Trufflehog chrome extension looks for API keys and credentials on websites visited, and alerts you if there are any present. This is useful for doing pentests and code reviews, because it helps identify keys that would otherwise either be missed or have to be searched for manually.

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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. How can you improve the testability of your product?
  2. How to Mock HTTP APIs With MockServer
  3. Proactively detect and fix flaky tests in your test suite

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