Issue 44: Testing IoT systems: Challenges and solutions

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You know, I have never met someone who liked working with Regular expressions at the beginning and even some more experienced developers/testers also hate working with them. 😁 So many little things that you have to worry about, issues with clarity and it makes thing messy fairly quickly.

I want to share two articles with you today. that might help you work better with Regular expressions. One is Regexes are Cool and Good by Hillel Wayne and another one is Know all about Xpath in one go by San Sam.

Apart from these two articles this week, there are few utilities and web apps that certainly make working with regx more easier like, REGEXPER — Regular Expression Visualization Site by Jeff Avallone which we can use to create a Diagrams from our regular expressions and regular expressions 101 — which is an interactive regular expression console created by Hillel that lets you debug your expressions in real-time.

Now, on to the this week’s curated links.

📚 On Testing

Quality is a complex system by Patrick Prill

Almost every one you talk to, will have their own perception on Quality. That’s why it’s hard to come up with some universal definition, I guess. As Patrick Prill describes in this article, Quality is a complex system. It stretches and goes to roles, relations, context, budget and much more…

Testing IoT systems: Challenges and solutions by Ute Katranski

Working with IOT systems is challenging in general and testing it is even more. Ute Katranski shares few challenges that you might come across and have put together some tips on how to set up your system-level tests for your IoT system.

Development processes (Toolbox #6) by Diogo Nunes

Diogo Nunes details few development practices such as TDD, ATDD, OID and BDD that foster quality, which in turn make testing easier.

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⚙️ Automation

Automation Strategy - How to Automate on Web UI Table for the Data Displayed in Table by Ravisuriya

Ravisuriya shares his approach automate a great use case on how to validate the data displayed in table are correctly displayed as per column header , also correct values like names, amount etc.

Google cloud functions with Jest and Playwright by Ashica Vincent

Server less test automation has always seemed mystery to me. At least until I read this article. Thanks for writing this Ashica Vincent. Very detailed and step by step process of automating such task with Playwright and Jest testing framework.

Trusting in your IaC -Terraform-Compliance by Daniel German Rivera

Terraform-compliance is a framework that validates the compliance in our infrastructure defined by terraform, this is based on negative testing and BDD that work together to validate infrastructure.

This post by Daniel will show how to implement this framework and add it to our DevOps pipeline used to deploy our IaC, AWS will be used as a cloud provider.

Codeless Web Application Testing with Cypress Studio and Playwright CodeGen by Eran Kinsbruner

Eran Kinsbruner took Cypress Studio and Playwright CodeGen to the ride. he explored both and has gave us quick and to the point summary of advantages and disadvantages of both.

Reloading a Chrome Extension using Selenium WebDriver by Courtney Zhan

Learn how to reload Chrome Extensions in Selenium WebDriver if they don’t work on first try! In this Blog post, Courtney Zhan show us a script with the scenario that will refresh a Chrome extension before a test begins.

Common Automation Failures and How To Overcome Them by Yoni Flenner

Before you start writing your your tests. Scratch that!. Even before that, there are few things you should take care of. In this article, Yoni Flenner shares some of the common automation failures that happen before writing the code.

Run Selenium Tests in Ruby - Minitest by Russell Morley

Minitest is a testing framework for Ruby that provides a complete suite of testing facilities. It is quick to run and supports TDD, BDD, mocking, and benchmarking.

Russell Morley shares an introduction to Minitest with example test scenario with script using Ruby and Selenium WebDriver.

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💨 Performance

Developer’s friendly tools for performance testing by Belen Vignolo

Belen Vignolo and people at abstracta has cooked up something called JMeterDSL for performance testing. It’s a new Java API that harnesses coding benefits for creating and running JMeter tests. In other words, now you can write code and create JMeter tests instead of using GUI interface.

Improving App Performance with Baseline Profiles by Rahul R., Kateryna Semenova and Chris Craik

Wanna know how you can improve startup time of your app by up to 40% ? Read this article to know about that and Baseline Profiles and how they improve app and library performance.

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🛡️ Security

Thinking beyond SQL injection: OWASP tips for secure database access by Alvaro Muñoz

When it comes to secure database access, there's more to consider than SQL injections. This is a third part of GitHub Security Lab’s series on the OWASP Top 10 Proactive Controls series, where Alvaro Muñoz provides practical guidance for OSS developers and maintainers on improving your security posture.

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerabilities (3 Tips to prevent it)

Cross Site Scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject client-side scripts (usually JavaScript) into web pages.

Learn about different types of Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks such as Persistent XSS, Mirrored XSS and DOM-based attacks and how to prevent them.

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🌞 Accessibility

HTML Reporting for AxeCore by Liz Wait

Liz Wait coudn’t find any good documentation for using Deque AxeCore and Axe HTML Reporter. So, she wrote one. Learn how to implement HTML report with Axe HTML Reporter with AxeCore JSON output.

Testing for Color Contrast: Tips and Tools by Tringa Krasniqi

Tringa Krasniqi has put together a great article on testing color contrast of different elements for the accessibility testing. Article also contains some others resources as well to test other aspects of accessibility.

A11y With Ady - February 2022 by Ady Stokes

As always, Ady Stokes has written a monthly round up for all things accessibility. I particularly enjoyed the section of compliance section this month.

That Time a Usability Test Made me Want the Earth to Open up and Swallow me Whole by Bryce Miller

When it comes to accessibility, simply ticking all the check boxes isn't enough for the testing. Taking into the account of actual users who has disability is equally important. This article by Bryce Miller clearly shows that.

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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. What is RPA?
  2. The Most Important Skill For A Tester
  3. Website Testing using Chrome Web Dev Tools

🛠️ Resources & Tools

Lighthouse Simulator A tool that runs a Lighthouse performance test at a range of different network speeds, to show how bandwidth and round-trip latency impact site performance metrics.

Stetho is a free and open-source debug library for Android apps. It enables you to use chrome debugging tools to troubleshoot network traffic, making the debugging process rich and interactive for developers.

FreeFileSync — A folder comparison and synchronization app for Windows, Mac, and Linux that creates and manages backup copies of all your important files.

Paste Safely A Pastebin alternative where the pastes expire after a maximum of two weeks. You can select programming language, expiration date up to two weeks, and optional encryption key.

Semgrep — is a highly-configurable SAST tool that looks for recurring patterns in the syntax tree. It can either run locally using Docker or be integrated into the CI/CD pipeline with Github Actions.

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