Issue 41: The Awesome Power of Setting your own Testing Scope

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Welcome the 41st edition of Software Testing Notes, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content on Software Testing. I hope this week has been good for you so far. I have lots of nice reads for you this week, let me know what your favorite is!

Soon it will be a year since I started the Software Testing Notes Newsletter and a supporting website. It started as a way for me to bookmark the important links which I enjoy and share it online hoping someone might also find it useful as well.

Which brings me to something I have been building for past few weeks. Say hello to TestDevTools 🚀— Curated collection of best tools for Software Testing! 🎉

You are welcome to submit a link for consideration. This can be your own creation or simply one you are a fan of and would like to share. Please visit the submit page for more information.

With that, all I can say is that I’d really appreciate it if you checked out this launch of Test Dev Tools. I hope this project can help other fellow testers and developers who are looking for some resources / tools for testing.

And speaking of launches, TestNG 7.5 has been released and is available in Maven Central. — This will be the last version to need JDK8 as the minimum JDK. Next version will start needing JDK11 as the minimum JDK.

📚 On Testing

Testing at the Crime Scene, Part 1 by Jeff Nyman

Jeff Nyman is a amazing story teller. Don’t believe me ? Pick anything he has written and you will know 😃. This time around he has started a series of posts on how developers and testers can gain insights into the evolution of their code base and how it becomes an important predictor of quality problems. Very exciting stuff.

2022 QA salary survey — Reddit Community

Folks at reddit testing community has started QA salary survey. Take a pulse of what testers are doing and what their future careers plans looks like.

Talking about future, Joe Colantonio has written about Automation Testing Trends 2022 Top 11 Predictions — As a performance tester myself, I’m really looking forward to what the future holds for 2022.

Additionally, If you are looking for a job as tester and looking for a way to start, Daniel Knott recently created a video detailing How to get into Software Testing?

Forcing an app out of memory on iOS by Donny Wals

A great hidden jam uncovered by Donny Wals. Learn how to force an app out of memory on iOS. As stated in the article, this kind of tests can be particularly useful when testing for background uploading feature, Bluetooth sync etc...

The Awesome Power of Setting your own Testing Scope by Callum Akehurst-Ryan

Here is list of tips by Callum Akehurst-Ryan on what to do when you don’t have a defined test scope nor being provided from anyone else. very crisp and to the point advice and importance of setting your own scope.

Should I Raise An Intermittent Bug? by Nicola Lindgren

Very nature of Intermittent Bugs makes it harder to deal with them. But in what cases you should consider to raise them ? Nicola Lindgren shares thoughts on whether one should raise an intermittent bug, including if the bug can’t be reproduced.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Software Testing here.

⚙️ Automation

Run Java Tests With Maven Silently (Only Log on Failure) by Philip Riecks

Maven logs on test executions have always been pain in the a** for me. I’m really hoping that I could customize few things from this article and make my console output for the test executions more clear and remove some of the unnecessary noise.

Risky Scenarios in Selenium Webdriver by Kishor Munot

Selenium is answer to all of your UI automation. Well, almost — not certainly all. There very well maybe few cases where it cannot or should not be automated by Selenium. Kishor Munot describes some of them in this article.

How to test android apps by DeviQA

A good starting point for testers getting started with android application testing with some useful tips.

Also, take a look at this Android UI Testing Cookbook authored by Alexey Bykov, Dmitry Movchan and Sergio Sastre Flórez

How End-to-End Testing finally makes fun by Klaus Lehner

Klaus Lehner shares his experience on working with Cypress to conduct end to end testing. The article explores reasoning to choosing Cypress along with typescript support, creating test specification and finally a CI integration.

Speaking of running end to end cypress tests, Gleb Bahmutov wrote about How To Tag And Run End-to-End Tests.

Automatic screenshot testing for all your Compose @Previews by David Vávra

Android Studio already renders composables with @Preview annotations. What if all of them are automatically turned into screenshot tests?

Make Your Test Automation Better With Tags by Dennis Martinez

Are you running your entire automated test suite all the time? Using tags will speed things up by deciding which tests to run only when you need them.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Software Testing Automation here.

💨 Performance

Apache ShardingSphere focuses on database-level solutions in full-link stress testing.

Apache ShardingSphere released the shadow database stress testing feature to determine shadow databases by executing SQL, and to meet the online stress testing needs in complicated business scenarios with the flexible configuration of shadow algorithms.

Turning data into understandable insights with K6 load testing by Rody Bothe

In this blog, Rody Bothe details implementing/setting up Prometheus and Grafana to visualize the K6 performance test results.

➜ Read all curated stuff on performance Testing here.

🛡️ Security

Authentication Bypass & ATO by karthik

Authentication is a one of major area or concern for the security testing. Take a look at this writeup by karthik on how he discovered authentication issue with step by step process.

➜ Read all curated stuff on Security Testing here.

🎁 Bonus Content



  1. Try Asking Different Questions by Elizabeth Zagroba
  2. "Missing"​ Requirements by Michael Bolton
  3. Adopt a Personal Approach to Exploratory Testing by Alan Richardson

🛠️ Resources & Tools

git-bug A distributed, offline-first bug tracker embedded in Git, with bridges.

XCTest Create and run unit tests, performance tests, and UI tests for your Xcode project.

WebSpec Towards Machine-Checked Analysis of Browser Security Mechanisms.

Android UI Testing Cookbook — An open-source documentation about Android UI testing.

the four-hour tester Learn software testing by focusing on simple exercises that take at most one hour to complete. The format is quite simple: briefing, exercise, evaluation. - Xpath Practice Page A website to practice all complex automation scenarios like shadow DOM, iframe etc by Sanjay Kumar

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