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🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: August 9, 2023

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Welcome to the 98th edition of Software Testing Notes, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content on Software Testing. I hope this week has been good for you so far.

I keep hearing and reading lots and lots of articles, podcasts and news about how AI is doing X (Read software testing for better context) much better than humans and soon will replace corresponding Y jobs (us!) from the market.

This is the same air that we breathed when it was “X framework will eliminate Selenium” or that “methodology will dominate everything”.

But after the smoke cleared as it always does, we saw that everything remained more of the same. Yes, many things did improve such as our tooling scope expanded and new avenues of doing things were opened. But it certainly wasn’t the doom that everyone predicted.

The same goes for the AI too. I’m not calming to predict any future, but as things stand today, I can say that few things will change, improve or be replaced by new things. But as far as the field of testing is concerned, The heart of testing is Critical Thinking, Intuition, out-of-the-box thinking and human curiosity to explore and that can never be replaced.

So, don’t get discouraged or scared of AI. Learn it, explore it and make it a useful sidekick to your Hero journey.

Now, enough rambling from me. Let's dive into this week’s curated links. Let me know which one is your favorite by adding your comment below or replying to this email!

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📚 Testing

That shiny new feature works, so what? by Ben Dowen

When you are working in a larger team, it’s possible that you are responsible to test only some of the components within a system. This is a really nice article by Ben Dowen sharing insights into how you should approach testing in such environment.

QA Process in Agile Environment by Diksha Gupta

You are working on a product that follows Agile and needs to facilitate QA success. Do you know where to start? Diksha Gupta has some great advice to share in this article.

Test code should rarely be resilient by John Gluck

Your app code and test code are different as they have different natures and purposes. John Gluck explains these differences and advises on how to build upon this and use test failure to your advantage.

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⚙️ Automation

Why I switched from Cypress to Playwright by Lucy Diaz

As long as you have done your homework, you have made the right choice in choosing the framework for your testing needs. Lucy Diaz shares some insights on why she has started to prefer Playwright more than Cypress.

An Introduction to Paparazzi for Snapshot Testing by Paul Hameteman

Paparazzi is an Android library you can use to create those snapshots for your apps in a simple and friendly way.

This article by Paul Hameteman covers setting up Paparazzi, creating a simple Tag composable, and using Paparazzi to create, verify, and update snapshot tests for your Android app.

Trace-based Testing with the OpenTelemetry by Daniel Dias

This article by Daniel Dias goes into the details of what is trace-based testing and how they implemented trace-based tests for their Demo app to help ensure that changes to the system did not have unwanted outcomes on the micro-services results.

Automate PDF File Validation using Selenium Java & Limitations by Deepak Jha

Selenium is really good at automating the browser. For the rest of the things, you will need some help.

PDFBox library provides a set of APIs that can be used to read, write, and manipulate PDF files.

Take a look at this article by Deepak Jha showing how to utilize PDFBox library to perform text validation on PDF files.

“Demystifying Shadow DOM Elements — Selenium Simplified” by Sukhjinder singh

For browser automation, Learning about shadow elements is crucial. Learn ins-and-out of Shadow DOM Elements in this article by Sukhjinder singh with some example code of how to handle such elements using Selenium and Java.

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💨 Performance

Exploring Performance Testing: A In-Depth Overview of Types and Techniques by João Coelho

Learn some important concepts of performance testing with this article by João Coelho. The article explores several performance test types and when and how to use them.

Furthermore, Monish Correia has also written about Performance Testing 101: A Comprehensive Guide for Success.

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🌞 Accessibility

How I Conduct an Accessibility Audit by Tyler Hawkins

Running site audits is one of the best ways to ensure you site has everything as you intended. In this article, Tyler Hawkins shares how he ensures the accessibility of software by conducting an accessibility audit.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools — Nice website to utilize for testing SMS while protecting your privacy and security with free temporary phone numbers service.

Automize A Chrome extension that enhances the DevTools to make it easier to select complex elements and write or mock network events.

Kanboard — A free and open source visual Kanban project management app built with PHP that you can self-host. Includes features like drag-and-drop, search and filter tasks, automatic actions, and lots more.

jest-puppeteer A Jest preset that enables end-to-end testing with Puppeteer and offers a straightforward API for launching new browser instances and interacting with web pages through them.

📝 List of Software Testers

It's hard to find good articles, podcasts on Software Testing. Even hard to find people who create them. Are you also looking for amazing software testers to follow or read their content? check out this page dedicated to software testers.

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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. A Beginners Guide to API Testing by Callum Akehurst-Ryan
  2. A Hilarious Face-Off: Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright Battle for Web Testing Supremacy!. by Nurhayat K.
  3. Unleashing the Power of Shift-Left Testing: A Comprehensive Guide by Johanna South

😂 And Finally,

Detailed test case execution... 🤣

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