Issue 49: The Positive Outcomes Of Negative Testing

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: March 16, 2022

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Welcome the 49th edition of Software Testing Notes, a weekly newsletter featuring must-read content on Software Testing. I hope this week has been good for you so far. I have lots of nice reads for you this week, let me know what your favorite is!

Twitterverse has been buzzing about testing lately. Many great discussion happened this past week. Let me share four things that caught my eye.

  1. Rahul Parwal shared top 10 testing books from his reading collection.
  2. Michael Bolton sparked a great discussion on point of testing.
  3. Nicola (Owen) Lindgren asked testing community on twitter “blog has helped your career/opened up opportunities for you” which she has turned into a nice blog post.
  4. Simon Bennetts recently twitted new addition to the his github repo of list of open source web security scanners.

📚 Testing

How to write user-friendly error messages

Although written from the UX perspective, this is a great article on importance of writing good error messages and how people will feel reading your error messages.

How to Hire a Software Tester by Kristin Jackvony

Are you looking for a tester or if you are a tester looking for a Job ? Here is a recommendation of 10 skills by Kristin Jackvony on what to look for in a tester role.

Also, Kristin has written another piece on The Positive Outcomes Of Negative Testing.

Take full-size or area screenshots from your browser without additional tools by Dominika Zając

you don’t need that fancy chrome extension just to take screenshots of your webpage. There is way to do just that without using any additional tool. Dominika Zając shows us how to do it using Chrome Browser.

How to Introduce Testing in Teams and Companies by Ferdinando Santacroce

Many times if you are single QA or starting a job in new company where there is no established practices for the testing. It could be frustrating to introduce of testing practices in such environment. In this article, Ferdinando Santacroce provides few suggestions on how to introduce testing practices in companies.

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⚙️ Automation

There’s more in TDD than only automated tests by Victor Billettedev

you often read and hear about what is TDD but more less so about what is isn’t. Victor Billettedev did a great job explaining how the TDD cycle works. what it is and what isn’t and what other benefits it brings to the table.

Using Puppeteer to automate ASC Analytics screenshots by Nikola Brežnjak

Very good POC and starting point for anyone who wants to start using Puppeteer to automate. Nikola Brežnjak shows process of automating of logging into ASC (App Store Connect) and taking a screenshot of the crashes, and preparing a report.

API mocking in JavaScript with Pactum by Bas Dijkstra

Bas Dijkstra continues his exploration of PactumJS API mocking features in this latest article.

You can also take a look at his previous post on PactumJS framework introduction.

AWS Lambda Integration Test — Easier than you might think. by Leonardo Galani

This article by Leonardo Galani will server as a great starting guide if you are wondering how to get started with AWS Lambda Integration testing. The article uses the nodejs lambda project as a example.

iOS Mobile App Automation Testing— setup Appium and Xcode by Gomathy Dhanasekaran

Easy to follow step by step guide to Appium and Xcode installation and configuration.

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💨 Performance

Cypress Lighthouse Example by Gleb Bahmutov

This was a pleasant surprise as I was just looking for way to integrate front end performance tests with Cypress. As always, detailed and to the point article with practical code example by Gleb Bahmutov.

My First JMeter Plugin – Validate Thread Group by Naveen kumar

Naveen kumar has created the JMeter plugin to validate the thread groups under test plan with options to change the validation properties using file. Plugin is also available via JMeter plugin manager.

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🛡️ Security

Manipulating in-flight networking requests and responses by Natascha Fadeeva

Charles breakpoints tool lets you intercept and manipulate requests and responses before they are passed through Charles.

Testing APIs with IOS application ? here is a good article by Natascha Fadeeva on how to use Charles breakpoints tool to change network data and test your iOS application.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

dsq Command line tool for running SQL queries against JSON, CSV, Excel, Parquet, and more.

json-model-validator A flexible and lightweight JSON data validator and formatter as an npm package.

Screenity The most powerful screen recorder & annotation tool for Chrome 🎥

Omni Manage tabs, bookmarks, your browser history, perform all sorts of actions and more with a simple command interface.

Talon Talon aims to bring programming, realtime video gaming, command line, and full desktop computer proficiency to people who have limited or no use of their hands, and vastly improve productivity and wow-factor of anyone who can use a computer.

📝 List of Software Testers

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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. A testers guide to deal with missed bugs
  2. Software quality: From metrics to habits
  3. Coffee break tests: An exercise in test design

😂 And Finally,

Testers don't like to break things.

Keep Smiling and have a fun week.

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