Issue 91: The Spectrum of AI Testing: Case Study

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: May 21, 2023

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📚 Testing

The Spectrum of AI Testing: Case Study by Jeff Nyman

This is one of the kind article that I have came across recently. Jeff Nyman has prepared a case study for us on how you could start testing for the OpenAI like apps by understanding the context behind LLMs and Training Models.

Before you dive into this article, I would recommend to read the first part, The Spectrum of AI Testing: Testability to get better understanding of the case study.

Testing vs Checking – Why is this still so contentious? by Ben Britton

Testing vs Checking is something that might seem daunting to many, specially if you have just gotten into testing or not familiar with the field. Hopefully, this article by Ben Britton should be able to address some of the questions and queries going through your mind.

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⚙️ Automation

How to prepare realistic test data via OpenAI API in Postman by Natalia Demianenko

Having realistic test data is important for any automation test success. This article by Natalia Demianenko shows how to generate test data using the OpenAI API and automatically send it to the server. All with our very familiar tool, Postman.

Drive a real iOS Device with Appium 2 (XCUITest) by Courtney Zhan

Running your test on simulator is one thing but have you ever had to use actual real device to execute your test in iOS? Well, Look no further. Courtney Zhan has written a very nice and step by step guide on how to run Appium 2 (XCUITest) test with a real iOS device.

How to Record Selenium Test Execution Video with TestNG & Java? by Gaurav J.

Sometimes screenshots are not enough to convey any issues that you have found during your automated tests. Take a look at this post by Gaurav J. showing how you can use Monte Screen Recorder library within your selenium tests to capture videos of your automated tests.

Implementing Contract Testing with Postman by Wessel Braakman

I have shared few articles on Contract Testing in the past using various frameworks. But you can just use postman for the job as Wessel Braakman details in this article with a example.

Additionally, if you are interested to learn more about contract testing, Wessel Braakman has written an another article about Introduction to Contract Testing.

Beyond Pass/Fail: A Comprehensive Approach to Measuring Test Automation Success by Yogesh Dhole

How do you measure the success or failure of your automation test projects? Yogesh Dhole has some nice insights that might be helpful.

Writing tests that actually test 📝🧪 by Jahdunsin Osho

Take a look at this article for a brief overview of Jest and its syntax. Jahdunsin Osho uses Jest to demonstrate some of the best practices such as the importance of writing tests that fail, avoiding false positives and the value of the DRY principle in tests.

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💨 Performance

Chaos as an Art: Fault Injection in Grafana k6 by Yusuf Tayman

Fault injection testing is a software testing method which deliberately introduces errors to a system to ensure it can withstand and recover from error conditions.

K6 is coming up with some really nice utilities for performance and chaos testing. One such example is xk6-disruptor. Learn how to utilize xk6-disruptor to inject controlled faults and simulating turbulent conditions with this practical guide by Yusuf Tayman.

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🛡️ Security

Secure, Don’t Just Test: Risk Management for Testers by Tania Zhydkova

MSI, a well-known company, fell victim to a ransomware attack, losing a staggering 1.5 terabytes of data, including vital source code.

If you are not taking security testing as one of the core area of testing, you are inviting such threats to your door steps. To avoid such scenario, Tania Zhydkova has prepared a tailored risk management plan with Risk-Based Testing (RBT) approach that will potentially protect you from potential security breaches.

Furthermore, Doruk Süzer gives a nice Introduction to “Risk-based Testing Approach” along with it’s Advantages and Drawbacks.

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🌞 Accessibility

6 Quick tests you can do to test your forms for accessibility by Karl Groves

What should you consider when you are testing various web forms for accessibility? Karl Groves breakdown the areas of accessibility to test into six easily understandable and follow through goals.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Flashlight is a Lighthouse-like tool for mobile apps and gives a performance score to your Android apps (including native, React Native and Flutter). Measure performance on CLI, Flipper or via E2E tests.

Monte Screen Recorder — is a Java library to capture video of your Selenium tests and much more..

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