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🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: August 3, 2022

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Recently, Nicola Lindgren sparked an interesting discussion about testing certification.

If someone wants to start a testing career, and they go ahead and get a testing certification (say ISTQB) - what does that signal to you? - LinkedIn, Twitter

Many people has shared their views on the same. Some for it, some against it and many neutral. My take is this(not limited to testing certifications):

Once upon a time (in College), I felt different. I saw it as a way of demonstrating your knowledge on the subject matter. A shiny ✨badge📛 that tells the world that you know your craft. But, as soon as I got into the professional world, my perception has changed over the years. I have come to see them as something to add in your resume(I mean, if it helps you in getting a good job then why not?) and for companies to highlight their talent and fulfill client requirements(Which is basically just a ✅).

But the main drawback I see is that it has become an pure business now, so much so that now you don't even have to really learn or prepare for any exams. For most of the cases, just give 2X or 3X more money to the people at the testing center and you are garneted to clear it with flying colors. (And this applies to most of the popular certificates.)

Hence, I don't care if someone has added any certificate in their resume. If I’m interviewing, everyone gets a fair chance, whether they have a certificate or not.

What do you think? Let me know your thoughts by replying to email and check out this original post and post your view.

PS. Do you know that Google Chrome DevTools has introduced WebDriver BiDi, a new browser automation protocol which can be used from all kinds of testing tools instead of WebDriver or Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP). Let me know you thoughts if do decide to take it for a spin.

Now, on to the this week’s curated links. Let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

My testing strategy for serverless applications by Yan Cui

Testing serverless applications? Take a look at this article by Yan Cui sharing his thoughts and approaches on how to test serverless applications with real world example. The article talks about AWS services an example, but the approach could be used with any cloud services.

Enjoy Testing by James Thomas

In one of the previous issue, I shared a link that discussed about how stressful the role of a tester could become. This week, lets talk about joys of testing as shared in this article by James Thomas where he talks about thing that he enjoys as tester. It will certainly give you a new perspective on how you look at the role.

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⚙️ Automation

Testing APIs With Ease Using TestCafe by Dennis Martinez

As of TestCafe v1.20.0, you can now use TestCafe to test your APIs as well. Dennis Martinez has written a great introductory article covering the basics of getting API tests up and executing those tests with TestCafe with real world example.

Language change in Gherkin Experiment by Maaret Pyhäjärvi

When it comes to the BDD, most testers have a love hate relationship with it 😂. As Maaret Pyhäjärvi rightly puts it “What it’s suppose to do is introduce clarity to the business and build some level of confidence with the customers”, but that’s not what always happens. Take a look at this article sharing some insights when used in their project and what were the takeaways from the whole experiment.

How to verify Playwright Selectors 🎭? by Sanjay Kumar

Verifying the Playwright selectors isn’t that easy with DevTools. Sanjay Kumar shows just how you could do that and also shares a new feature in his creation ‘SelectorsHub’ to make this entire process as simple as possible. The article also contains a video tutorial with real time example.

Continuous integration challenges by Javier Lopez

Okay, this is not necessarily about testing but it does applies to the testing as well. As your testing becomes more mature and when you want it to become a part of your CI/CD. Here is a great article by Javier Lopez on what are the some of the challenges encounter during Continuous integration as well as how you could overcome them with something called CI Inversion principle(A term invented by the Author).

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Jest-Image-Snapshot A Jest matcher for image comparisons, commonly used for visual regression testing.

UPDF — is a free PDF editor that supports editing text and images in a PDF across all platforms. Make all possibilities come to life on your PDF document.

lockfile linting Lint an npm or Yarn lockfile to analyze and detect security issues via predefined security policies.

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  1. Design Patterns for QA Automation: Build effective test solutions
  2. Don’t write Conditional Logic in Tests
  3. Testing Strategies For Microservices

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