Issue 104: Want to Increase Your Salary as a Tester? Look for a New Job

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: September 23, 2023

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📚 Testing

The 4 Attributes of Testability : Reproducibility by Gil Zilberfeld

The great four part series by Gil Zilberfeld comes to an end with this last article. This article is about How easily we can make sure the code executes repeatably.

Want to Increase Your Salary as a Tester? Look for a New Job by Dennis Martinez

One of the easiest way to increase your salary is changing the Jobs. Wanna know why that is? Read this article by Dennis Martinez to find out.

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⚙️ Automation

How to start with test automation — Playwright codegen by mati-qa

Playwright codegen is a tool that works by recording your interactions with the website in a browser window and then generating code that can be used to reproduce those interactions. In this article you will learn how to use it step by step with the configuration and an example use case.

Beginning a Journey With Selenium WebDriver and C# by Enes Kühn

This is a very good tutorial by Enes Kühn taking you into the world of the C# automation with Selenium WebDriver. Learn how to create your own Selenium WebDriver — C# automation framework with the help of four design patterns.

  • Page Object pattern
  • Façade pattern
  • Singleton pattern
  • Null object pattern

Test Data and Mocking in Cypress by Louis Yoong

Managing Test Data is one of the important aspects of testing. If you are working with Cypress, take a look at this article by Louis Yoong showing various options you can implement to manage your test data.

Also take a look at this article by Cypress Custom Commands by Anshita Bhasin and make your self a cypress hero with custom commands.

Cross-Library Screenshot Testing with AndroidUiTestingUtils 2.0.0 by Sergio Sastre Florez

In one of the previous issue (#100) article, we learned how different screenshot libraries compare with each others. In this article, Sergio Sastre Florez takes a one step further and shares how AndroidUitestingUtils 2.0.0 supports writing cross-library screenshot tests.

Furhtermore, Roman Kamyshnikov has also written about Automate screenshot testing for Compose previews via reflection.

Postman Alternative: Hoppscotch - Open Source, Self-Hosted API Development Ecosystem by Liyas Thomas

While postman is still popular choice among developers and testers alike, Hoppscotch is a close alternative as per Liyas Thomas. In this blog, Liyas Thomas explores the features of Hoppscotch and explain how it can enhance your API-building and testing experience.

Contract Tests: A New Hope by Edgar Miró

Really interesting story about why and how Edgar Miró and their team started adding ad-hoc contract testing and how it has helped them gain confidence and add value at product level.

The Definitive Guide to API Test Automation With Playwright: Part 10 - Adding Unit Tests for Helpers by Butch Mayhew

Butch Mayhew walks us through the a pull request that added unit tests around 4 different functions. In this article, Butch Mayhew gives a nice walk through the different code that was added and why.

Additionally, Hasan Gürhan has written about How did I run tests at least 10x faster with Playwright.

Integrate Karate DSL Cucumber Reports into your Slack channel by Mark Hughes

If you happen use Karate Framework for automation testing, you can make test reporting easier with slack notification. Take a peak at this article by Mark Hughes sharing how to integrate Karate DSL reports into your Slack channel.

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💨 Performance

Take a step forward to your Performance Engineering journey by learning how Microservices and Autoscaling impacts overall Performance of your app and how to implement best practices in your Engineering practices.

Rapid Performance Analysis using Developer Tools by Stephen Townshend

Chrome Developer Tools is a goldmine waiting for you to be explored. Learn everything that Chrome DevTools has to offer for performance analysis for you webapps.

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🛡️ Security

How to modify the requests — Burp Suite for the rescue by mati-qa

Burp Suits is a postman of the security world. Learn how to use it for you security testing by changing api request on the fly in this step by step tutorial.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Microsoft PowerToys — Initially released about 3 years ago, this is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity.
MailDev An SMTP server and web interface, installable on your machine, for viewing and testing emails during development.

OddContrast An interactive online color contrast checker for modern CSS color formats (Oklch, Oklab, sRGB, etc.) to test for WCAG compliance in color contrast on web pages.

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🎁 Bonus Content



  1. Exploratory Testing with Logmine by Ajitava Deb
  2. How the 'Tester's Mindset' Can Be a Barrier or a Bridge for Software Testing by Joss S.
  3. Playwright with Java | Maven and TestNG by Mansi Gupta

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A Security tester's Interview.... 🤣

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