Issue 58: When is a Tester not a Tester?

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Context is king. As such, when context changes about something, everything related to that also changes with it. Ben Dowen ponder on a one such question about When is a Tester not a Tester? and shares his views on testing, quality and responsibility.

On another note, Ben also compiled this nice list of blogs in software testing and development. Apart from this list, I also have a dedicated page for tester blogs, do check it out here. And if you have a blog on testing, you can add your profile here.

Talking about testers and testing, Sérgio Martins wrote a nice piece about five traits of a test engineer and Ajay Balamurugadas compiled a list of 25 Fundamental Mantras for Good Testing.

With that being said, I have lots of nice reads for you this week, reply to this email and let me know what your favorite is!

📚 Testing

12 Most Common Bugs in Mobile Games Quality Assurance by Adrian Gimate-Welsh

I’m always happy to see more con around game testing as the very nature of games is unpredictable hence testing them becomes a little bit hard. Adrian Gimate-Welsh and their QA team at TagWizz shares the twelve most common bugs encountered in testing.

Upskill Software Engineers in Test Automation to greatly Boost Productivity by Zhimin Zhan

Zhimin Zhan has written about simple, effective and should-have-been method to greatly increase software engineers’ productivity and morale.

Testing Requires Experience by Michael Bolton

A very thoughtful article by Michael Bolton on experiential testing (As Michael puts it ‘a positive replacement for one aspect of Manual testing’) and it’s usefulness, why should we care about it and stigma attached to it.

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⚙️ Automation

IoT Testing and How It Differs From Traditional Testing by Vipin Jain

We talked a little bit about IoT test beds in previous issue. This week Vipin Jain describes how IoT testing approach is different from traditional testing and how it should be derived from the system and architecture involved.

How To Automate Mobile Application Testing by Niranjani Manoharan

Pour a cup of your favorite beverage and read everything you need to know about doing automation testing of mobile applications. This article by Niranjani Manoharan covers the introduction to mobile app components, choosing the right framework to automate iOS and Android Mobile Applications as well as performance testing of mobile apps.

Speaking of Mobile Application testing, also take a look at The definitive guide to test doubles on Android and the second part by Phellipe Silva.

One Simple Addition to a Selenium Test Framework To Make It More Robust and Reliable by Imran Ali

Are you also getting tired of random and weird failures in your tests ? Imran Ali shares a quick and simple solution that can make your test framework more robust and your tests much more reliable.

Automating GCP Cloud Function testing using Jenkins by Alekhya Chowdhury

In this post, Alekhya Chowdhury documents an approach on how we can use Jenkins to test GCP components meant to process events like Cloud Function, Cloud Run and Dataflow pipelines.

Linux Commands Every User Should Know by David Tzemach

Whether you are a developer or tester, some of the basics knowledge of Linux is must for everyone. Here is a article by David Tzemach showing us few important Linux commands.

Why DSLs are a necessary part of learning Rails testing by Jason Swett

Here is post explaining the importance of learning DSLs when testing Rails apps. Jason Swett has also wrote couple of posts that can help you learn about DSLs which are already listed in this article.

Testing Typescript GraphQL Server using Jest with Docker by Akash Singh

A great detailed article by Akash Singh on how to configure jest to execute test cases on graphql typescript server inside docker.

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💨 Performance

os Engineering with LitmusChaos on AWS EKS using IRSA by Naveen kumar

Here is a great introduction of LitmusChaos by Naveen kumar on running chaos experiments on AWS EKS. Naveen has also written on Cross Account Implementation for Chaos Engineering.

Why you should execute your performance tests gradually? by Mohamed Tarek

Never start your performance test with 100% of your projected load. Start small and increase the load gradually. In this short and to the point article Mohamed Tarek explains why we should start our execution gradually.

API Load Testing using C# NBomber by Pankaj Rawat

In this post, Pankaj Rawat shows us a very simple example of API load testing using NBomber C#. At the end, NBomber also generates HTML report which you can find from NBomber console result window.

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🛡️ Security

Understanding CSRF Attacks by Zell Liew

If there was ever an easy guide to learning about CSRF attacks, this is the one. Zell Liew has written a complete and step-by-step article about CSRF Attacks and what you need to do in order to build secure web applications.

Mobile App Security Testing – Static Analysis Overview by Mohamed Tarek

Mohamed Tarek writes about top 10 mobile risks 2016 and how static analysis can help discoverer this issues using static analysis tools such as MobSF.

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🛠️ Resources & Tools

Wfuzz makes it possible to evaluate web applications in a flexible way by injecting payloads (arbitrary inputs which can come from any data source) into any field of an HTTP request.

lemoncheesecake is an end-to-end test framework for Python that brings trust around test results. It allows test developers to be very explicit about what their tests really do with logging, matchers, file attachments, etc..

Nbomber Modern and flexible lightweight load testing framework for Pull and Push scenarios, designed to test any system regardless a protocol. With NBomber you can test any PULL or PUSH system (HTTP, WebSockets, GraphQl, gRPC, SQL Database, MongoDb, Redis etc).

OpenClove Most sophisticated code coverage tool for Java and Groovy.

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  1. How QA can lead a team to success
  2. Why it's Time to Stop Using Meaningless Test Values
  3. Become A Software Testing Detective – Part 2

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