Issue 16: Why Is Continuous Integration Important For Testing?

🕒 5 MIN READ | Published on: June 12, 2021

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📚 Top Reads

Why Is Continuous Integration Important For Testing? by Dennis Martinez

Without continuous integration, you're not making the most out of your test automation strategy. Learn why it's important to implement CI in your projects.

Wondering how can CI/CD can bring value to your project pipeline ? Dennis Martinez has a detailed overview on the same. Some of the important benefits Dennis describes are,

  1. You'll Get Faster Feedback Loops
  2. You'll Increase Accountability With Your Team
  3. You'll Give Testers More Time for High-Value Tasks
  4. You Can Automate More Than Just Tests

A card trick about test code | teamwork | unit tests | software requirements by Benjamin Bischoff

Combine concepts for testing / team work etc.. with a bit of magic 🔮. Benjamin does a great job of describing things with easy magic tricks in few minutes.

How to stack your test automation’s deck by Paul Grizzaffi

An automation stack is a layered automation architecture where each layer builds upon the previous one and provides an audience-appropriate interface to the lower levels’ capabilities

Why should you build a proper deck for automation ? and how it can help ? read in this article by Paul.

Defect Rate, Reliability, System Size, and Limits on Growth by Matt Gunter

To find out more about how system growth rate, system size, and development costs are affected by defect rates, Matt Gunter has built an Agent-Based Model in NetLogo which provides some amazing insights of how everything works and integrates with each other from defect rate to development costs.

Do we need Testers at all by Alan Richardson

Asking the right questions is important. But what are the right questions ? what comes first ? Alan Richardson ponders on the same and provides some valuable insights. Some of my favorites are,

  • Nothing is True
  • Questions as distractions
  • What do I need?
  • Verify Objectives

The Role of a Quality Coach by Kim Engel

So what does a Quality coach actually do ? it’s just about testing ? or there’s a more to discover ? what are some of the responsibilities of a quality coach ? Kim Engel answers some of the questions in this article.

Should You Use Contract Testing? by Oleksandr Romanov

What exactly are contract tests? Should you use it in your project? In this blog post, Oleksandr Romanov talks about the case when contract testing can help. Compare contract testing with other types of tests and shares his thoughts on using contracts in any application.

Are We Doing Well? by James Thomas

How does the team know that they are doing well? James Thomas shares some insights on the same.

⚙️ Automation

UI Testing Best Practices 📜 by Bryce Dorn

A very detailed article on the UI testing do’s and don'ts by Bryce Dorn on how they do UI testing at Glassdoor.

How to Use Assertion Scopes to Execute Multiple Assertions in C# by Will Velida

Fluent Assertions is a .NET library that provides use with a bunch of useful extension methods that allow us to test our C# code in a more natural way.

Practical examples of using Assertion Scopes by Will Velida.

A Day at the Automation SPA Means Waiting for Elements to Disappear by Paul Grizzaffi

everyone has faced this one at some point or another. And someone like me gets this every other day 😊. Learn about challenge of automation for SPAs and few approaches of how to tackle them.

E2E Testing with Cypress and GraphQL by Warren Day

This is a guide to achieving seamless GraphQL mocking in your cypress tests. With this you can easily test happy paths, edge cases and error states; all from the comfort of a single test file using cypress-graphql-mock-network library.

The definitive guide of Android UI Automator with Kotlin by Heitor Paceli

Learn the art of writing automated test scripts for Android apps even without access to the applications source code with particle detailed examples and code snippets by Heitor Paceli.

💨 Performance

Testing any website with slow internet connection by testingconcepts

Wondering how you can throttle the speed of your network in chrome ? it’s an easy one and only few clicks away.

MongoDB Performance Testing Using JMeter by Sagar Gadewar

Performance testing of MongoDB using JS2233_sampler. Article details on testing basic MongoDB operations like,

  1. connect to a database
  2. create a document
  3. read this document
  4. modify the document
  5. delete this document

🌞 Accessibility

A11y with Ady: July 2021 by Ady Stokes

As always, Ady is back with monthly roundup of everything about accessibility.

Keyboard Navigation Accessibility Testing by Will Saunders

Wondering how to go about testing Keyboard Navigations for the accessibility testing ? Will Saunders has got you covered.

🛠️ Resources & Tools

Cypress GraphQL Mock Network :

Simple network mocking for your GraphQL API.

Fluent Assertions :

A .NET library that provides use with a bunch of useful extension methods that allow us to test our C# code in a more natural way.

Health Check Api :

An easy way to execute a health check against your API endpoint.

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